Patagonia Nano-Air Face Mask – The Best Breathable Face Mask

The Patagonia Nano-Air Face Mask $15 is the most comfortable and breathable face mask we have tested. It is made of left over material form our favorite Nano-Air jackets and has been my go-to face mask for high output activities.

Patagonia Nano-Air Face Mask

The Patagonia Nano-Air Face Mask $15 is a very comfortable face mask made from left over material from the awesome Nano-Air line of jackets.  I am a huge fan of the Nano-Air (just read and view our videos on the Nano-Air here and Nano Stretch Storm here)

Face masks are not the most comfortable thing.  I get that.  It is what we need to do at a critical time in history though. So, I have been testing a lot of face masks the last 10 months in hopes of finding the best one for active use.  Patagonia sent the Nano-Air face mask over with some other gear for us to test. I did not think much of it at first, as I was stoked on the R1 Air (review here) and other gear in the package.

After I put the Nano-Air face mask on and went to my gym (Axistence Athletics) to train some clients, I realized how great this mask actually was. I did not really think about the mask, I just focused on coaching and demonstrating exercises.  This was a nice change of pace!

Patagonia Nano-Air Face Mask
Patagonia Nano-Air Face Mask

Double straps

I am used to face masks that secure behind the ears. This has been my new normal for many months.  It has become second nature and I never thought about a mask that had the behind the head securement.  The Nano-Air face mask has  this and it is actually not even needed.  What I mean is, that the face mask fits so well that I did not even need to tie the  lower string to keep the face mask in place.

Now, I did tie it, mainly to help others feel more safe and secure around me.  I dont want others to think I dont take their safety lightly, so I am happy to add this extra level of sense of security for them.  Though the face mask stays in place very well without even using the second strap.


I know, I am always preaching about how much I love stretch. But man, do I love stretch!! This face mask is very stretchy and allows for maximum jaw movement without restriction. So, if you are a person that likes to fully articulate and yell at others (looking at you teachers, coaches, and parents!) then this mask has you covered. No pun intended.  Well, maybe it was intended LOL

Patagonia Nano-Air Face Mask
Patagonia Nano-Air Face Mask – made from Nano-Air jacket leftovers





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