The New Patagonia Nano-Air is Here, Our #1 Active Insulation Pic

New Patagonia Nano-Air Hoody Engearment

The New Patagonia Nano-Air is Here, Our #1 Active Insulation Pic

The new Patagonia Nano-Air hoody is here and it is better than ever! Featuring better packability and recycled fabrics. This is our #1 pic for active insulation.

New Patagonia Nano-Air

I have been an uber-fan of the Nano-Air line of jackets for a few years.  Just look at our review from the first generation Nano-Air here.  Then we went bonkers for the Nano-Air Light. (You can read that review too). As you can see, we are big fans of the Nano-Air line here at Engearment.

How could Patagonia improve on this active insulation line?

Start with making the form factor a little more streamlined.  The cuffs are a little more slim and tapered.  This is helpful when used under a shell.  It also seems to help the sleeves stay out of the way when doing work with your hands.

Next, remove one of the chest pockets and make the other more useful. The previous generation Nano-Air had two chest pockets that were not that useful.  The new Patagonia Nano-Air fixed this and made the napoleon pocket useful.  Heck, you can even stuff the hoody into that pocket now!

Now more packable

This brings up the next point – you can stuff the jacket into the left chest pocket.  Yep, somehow they made this jacket more packable.  Which is really great for us backcountry skiers, splitboarders and climbers!

The New Patagonia Nano-Air is Here, Our #1 Active Insulation Pic 1Patagonia Men's Nano-Air® Hoody


Recycled materials

The shell is now 87% recycled polyester.  Patagonia is always looking to use more recycled materials and the Nano-Air benefits. Even the Fullrange insulation is now 40% recycled!

Fullrange insulation – the secret sauce

One of the reasons the Nano-Air is so wonderful is because of Patagonia’s proprietary synthetic insulation – Fullrange. The insulation stretches with you.  Not restrictive in any way.  That blows my mind, but not as much as the next fact…..

40CFM of breathability

Yes, 40CFM.  Not a typo! I did not believe it when Patagonia told us that years ago at an Outdoor Retailer show.  Then, we tried it, and are now believers.  Heck, everyone, who has tried it is impressed. Somehow the jacket keeps you warm, yet dumps heat.  How it works is beyond my pay grade.  But it works!

Bluesign and Fair Trade Certified

As if you needed any more reasons to jump on the Nano-Air wagon.  You can feel even better knowing that this is Fair Trade Certified sewn and the materials are bluesign approved.  I told you Patagonia is doing everything they can to make the best gear and do it the best way for the planet. Leading by example.

Nano-Air Sizing and fit

I am 6’1″ 205lb 45″ chest 33″ waist and went with the XL.  The sizing is a bit slimmer and trim than other Patagonia jackets.  This is ok though, as the jacket fits very good if you size up.  The sleeves were perfect for my 36/37″ arms.  The stretch was excellent and allowed me a full range of motion.

The New Patagonia Nano-Air is Here, Our #1 Active Insulation Pic 2Patagonia Men's Nano-Air® Hoody


I often have a hard time finding a jacket that fits my upper back and chest, while not being sloppy big in the gut. This jacket hit all the marks for me.  I hope it does for you as well.

Review of the new Patagonia Nano-Air Hoody

If I told you that there was a jacket that kept you warm, yet dumped heat and had a great fit and stretch and was made with recycled materials that are Fair Trade certified, you would be on board right? Plus, it looks sharp and feels good on the skin.  The hood is perfect in my opinion.  I loved the previous version and love the new one even more.  Get one!  Get one for a friend! $299

The New Patagonia Nano-Air is Here, Our #1 Active Insulation Pic 3Patagonia Men's Nano-Air® Hoody



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