Smartwool Smartloft X 60 Hoodie – Recycled Wool, Incredible Versatility

The new Smartwool Smartloft X 60 Hoodie is made of recycled wool and features incredible versatility.  From high output backcountry adventures to mid-layers warm.

Smartwool Smartloft X 60 Hoodie, Versatile

is billed as an active insulation outerwear piece. Meaning, the jacket is designed to be used while doing an active winter sport.  Think backcountry skiing, splitboarding, running, snowshoeing, etc. the mix of 50% recycled wool and synthetic provide good warmth while on stop and go activities.

Recycled wool

I like that Smartwool is using recycled wool in the new Smartloft line-up.  Reduce, reuse, recycle.  Always a good idea. Don’t get grossed out though, they do clean the wool before using it!

Smartwool Smartloft X 60 hoodie

Smartwool Smartloft X 60 hoodie

Functional design

I like the layout of the Smarloft X 60 Hoodie.  This is a mid-layer insulation piece, but it can be used on its own.  As I would for splitboard tours. The hand pockets are lower, so backpack straps might get in the way, but the internal drop pockets are awesome!

If you can not tell from all the other reviews, I am a big fan of internal drop pockets 🙂

The hood is very low profile and fits over your head and nothing else.  Not helmet-compatible.  But that is ok.  If you are using this as a midlayer, then you can use the shell’s hood to go over the helmet. I used an older version of this and really like it.  Review on that here.

I used this jacket in snow and wind and did not notice much, if any, wind getting through.  So, this would be a good backcountry touring jacket.  There is a DWR coating on this jacket as well.  That does not make it waterproof though, so plan accordingly!


Fit and function of Smatloft X 60 Hoodie

I used an XL in this review.  For reference, I am 6’1″ 205lb 45″ chest 33″ waist.  I found the sleeve length adequate for my 36/37 arms.  An extra inch or so would have been even better though.

The fit is definitely trim.  I have a big upper back and have a hard time finding jackets that don’t restrict in some way.  This jacket was on the border of being restrictive.  This is not a problem for a lot of people, so take this with a grain of salt.

Review of Smartwool Smartloft X 60 Hoodie

I really liked this jacket as a casual use jacket and backcountry touring jacket.  The fit was slim and flattering, the looks are subdued and cool.  The function in the mountains was good and it played nicely under a shell. For the fair price of $250, this is a good deal.

Smartwool Smartloft X 60 Hoodie - Recycled Wool, Incredible Versatility 1Smartwool Men's Smartloft-X 60 Hoodie - Moosejaw

Smartwool Smartloft X 60 Hoodie - Recycled Wool, Incredible Versatility 2











Smartwool Smartloft-X 60 Full-Zip Hoodie - Women's | REI Co-op $250.00




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