From Bikinis to Face masks – Dippin’ Daisy’s Switched Gears to Help in the COVID-19 Fight


LA-based entrepreneur, Elaine Tran, CEO and founder of Dippin’ Daisy’s, who has switched gears within her Los Angeles County garment factories, now producing and donating face masks to those on the frontlines of the COVID-19 fight.

Elaine Tran, LA Reside & Founder of Dippin’ Daisy’s

Elaine Tran, LA Reside & Founder of Dippin’ Daisy’s

In the last week, Elaine has made and shipped more than 5,000 masks and replaceable carbon filters to doctors, nurses, high-risk individuals and first responders across the country, at no cost to them. She’s hoping to double those numbers in the coming weeks, and welcomes requests from institutions that might need them. A list of current recipients is available at request.

From Bikinis to Face masks - Dippin' Daisy's Switched Gears to Help in the COVID-19 Fight 2

“We’re not doing this for business, we’re simply doing what we can to help during this pandemic,” Elaine said. “Dippin’ Daisy’s has the fabrics, materials, sewers and facilities to provide tangible resources for medical professionals and organizations who are in need or short supply. Our masks are bright and hopeful, and our only goal is to reach and help protect as many people and communities as we can.”


Each brightly colored mask is made with machine washable materials and elastic, and is shipped with a charcoal filter that fits into a secure, refillable opening. Although they are not FDA-approved masks, healthcare workers at hospitals have welcomed the donation, as they can help prevent people from touching their nose and mouth, can help contain a portion of droplets coming from the nose and mouth, and most importantly, can be worn over medical-grade masks as a secondary layer of protection, all of which may help minimize the spread of the virus. In order to fulfill the need, Elaine is working tirelessly with a team of sewers, ensuring they follow mandated social distancing protocols.

Dippin’ Daisy's face masks

Dippin’ Daisy’s face masks

Elaine is also giving customers the chance to join her cause with a “buy one, give one” campaign. Each mask costs $10 to purchase, and it guarantees the gift of one mask for an at-risk person.


To request a shipment of masks for an institution in need, please visit:


To purchase a mask for the buy one, give one initiative, please visit:

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