Eight Sleep Pod 3 – The Best Cooling and Heating Pad for Your Bed

My wife and I have been using temperature regulating sleeping pads for years.  The Eight Sleep Pod 3 has been the best one we have used yet.

Eight Sleep Pod 3 – What is it?

The Eight Sleep Pod 3 is a mattress cover and control unit that regulate the temperature of the mattress while you sleep.  The control unit looks like a computer tower – dark grey and minimalist.  There is a water resivour that holds distilled water that the unit then circulates into the mattress cover.

The mattress pad fits securely onto the mattress (there is also a dedicated Eight Sleep Mattress as well) When I say securely, I mean SECURE!  This pad is not going to move  around on you.

Eight Sleep Pod 3 - King Size cover - Engearment.com
Eight Sleep Pod 3 – King Size cover – Engearment.com

It is an involved set up process to get the mattress cover on.  But it all makes sense and one person can do it.  Just budget 30 minutes or so.

Chili pad and Chili Pad pro - for comparison on how they fit on the bed
Chili pad and Chili Pad pro – for comparison on how they fit on the bed

The Eight Sleep Pod 3 mattress cover has many an array of very thin filaments that circulate the water to either warm or cool (or a combo of both over the night) the user.

It the very same cover is a multitude of sensors that can relay information to the Eight Sleep app. This is very helpful for anyone curios and invested in their sleep.  Resting heart rate, heart rate variability, respiration, REM and deep sleep.  Sleep patterns and more.  This is behind a paywall of $15 a month (for two users) and I think it is a worthy subscription.

As you can see, the multitude of metrics is very interesting and helpful.  I am particularly interested in HRV, resting HR and sleep cycles.

Eight Sleep Pod 3 – How it works

Once the mattress pad is installed, the control unit will need to be set up.  Plug the connecting cable from the mattress pad to to the control unit.  Plug the unit into the wall for power.  Then set up via the app on your phone.  The app will walk you through the next steps to set it up.  Add distilled water to the water resivour and then let the unit “prime”.

This will take about an hour to 1.5 hours to sync, prime and be ready for using.

There are several more screens in the set up process, but hopefully seeing these gives you an idea of how streamlined and easy to use the app is.

Once the unit is set up, the app is connected and everything is plugged in – you are ready to go. The unit does not require much attention.  Perhaps 1/2 gallon of distilled water a month or so.  It is also recommended to add a small amount of hydrogen peroxide to keep the unit running smoothly.

Eight Sleep Pod 3 Review

As I stated earlier, my wife and I have been using several different sleep systems over the last 3 years.  From Chili Cube, Ooler to Sleep Me Dock Pro and several others – we have lots of experience with them.

The Eight Sleep Pod 3 has been a pleasure to use.  It has been the most comfortable set up, as well as the most attractive.  The app is not only easy to use, it is encouraging to see your sleep quality.  It can be motivating to try and get the numbers higher.

The base unit looks like it belongs in the bedroom too.  Though, some other units do fit under the bed, and we liked that.  We place the control unit next to bed side table and call it good.

The mattress pad is very high quality and feels like it is part of the bed.  Compared to the sleep systems, it looks much nicer (just look at the pics above).

The only drawbacks I can find is there are no physical buttons on the control unit.  So you must use a phone or tablet to control the unit.  Not that big of a deal, but worth noting.


The king size Eight Sleep Pod 3 we are testing costs $2395.

Eight Sleep Pod 3 - The Best Cooling and Heating Pad for Your Bed 3

Though smaller size bed will cost less:

Eight Sleep Pod 3 - The Best Cooling and Heating Pad for Your Bed 4


Final verdict

As you can tell from this review, we are big fans of the Eight Sleep Pod 3.  The investment is a bit up front, but I think it is worth it.  The quality of sleep is great. Seeing the metrics of your sleep and how things (caffeine, workouts, alcohol, etc.) affect sleep is very helpful.

I have been recommending a quality sleep system to my health clients for years and I would put the Eight Sleep Pod 3 at the top of the list.

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