Fjallraven Bergtagen Long Johns – Long Johns for Cold Missions


The Bergtagen line from Fjallraven is a new line designed for mountaineering. Meaning, the line is really at home in the alpine and meant for some serious conditions. The Long Johns are a mix of four fabrics, each mapped out for maximum benefit. The first time I saw them I was confused about the over-engineered design. Then I put them to the test – winter camping and splitboarding in the Colorado mountains.

The four materials used in the Bergtagen Long Johns are mulesing-free, traceable merino wool, wool mesh, terry-knitted wool, and a little polyester and elastane to keep it stretchy. The different materials are mapped out in a way that best affects the wearer. Mesh over the upper legs for breathability. High loft wool Terry over knees, groin, and rear for warmth. Rib knitted merino in most of the lower leg. This all adds up to a functional design that kept me warm when camping but not too warm when going up the mountain.

How I tested the Fjallraven Bergtagen Long Johns

I set about finding a good winter storm to go camping in. I set up the 4 season tent and strapped on my Splitboard to get some laps in before the sunset. Temps started at 25 degrees midday but quickly fell to single digits overnight. I slept soundly in the Abisko Shape tent. Upon waking I was treated to several inches of good, dry snow. Several more laps in and back to camp to break down.

Fjallraven Bergtagen Long Johns - Long Johns for Cold Missions 1

Back to back days of use, including sleeping in them, did not stretch them out. They did not smell as bad as I did either. The magic of wool. Back at home, I stuck them in the wash. Ready for the next adventure. Several more days of backcountry splitboarding and the long johns are doing fine.

Final thoughts on the Fjallraven Bergtagen Long John

These are a really great cold weather, Long John. I would not recommend them for warmer weather, high exertion sports though. That is not what they are made for. If your idea of fun is hanging out way below freezing, without freezing your ass off, then this is the Long John for you.


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