Karakoram has a lot of new products coming out for the 2017-2018 splitboard season, but one of the silent stars is the completely remodeled crampon. We have used the previous generations of Karakoram crampons, the Split 30 a few years back, then the Prime crampons last year. Both of the previous models attached to the outside bolts then clamped into place. The redesigned Karakoram Prime Universal splitboard crampon is altogether different. The new crampon slides in place and latches on the inside then locks into place once you engage the Prime wire. This creates a very solid connection.

Karakoram Prime Universal Splitboard Crampon

I tested them out over the last month and even did a side by side comparison with the older model. At first, the new crampons were very hard to put on, probably due to user error on my part as well as the firm cushioning needing to pack in. After a few days of use, the foam condensed and allowed for easier installation on the skin track. The crampons came in handy during the spring tours. When combined with the Flex Lock (available separately) it helped keep an edge on icier skin tracks. Heck, I even used them to charge directly up the hill sometimes. The height of the new crampons is a bit shallower than previous generations, but I did not notice it affecting performance. If anything, it allowed for easier storage.

Karakoram Prime Crampons are compatible with all Prime Connect, Prime 1, Prime SL, Prime Straightline, Prime Carbon and Women’s Prime models. MSRP $99

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