Nite Ize Runoff Waterproof Bag – TRU Zip, Better Than the Rest!

Truly, you must feel the Nite Ize Runoff Bags with TRU Zip to understand. This is not a traditional waterproof zipper system.  Instead, it is a self-contained, silent system that seals out water and dust.

TRU Zip System

TRU Zip System

The Engearment crew first saw the TRU zip system at the Outdoor Retailer Snow Show and were blown away. We have used plenty of waterproof zipper systems but never seen anything like this.  Instead of interlocking teeth, like every other zipper our there, the TRU Zip seals up as you pull it.  With no teeth to interlock, it is also silent.  Plus, there are no teeth to break!

TRU Zip close up, nice and smooth

How we tested the TRU Zip

Nite Ize sent over a Medium Runoof Packing Cube $45, for us to test.  I took it to the mountains and stuck it in the snow, of course.  The idea was to see if below freezing temps would negatively affect the system.  It did not.  The smoothness of the silent zip is awesome.

snow, dog, splitboard, winter camping, whiskey = good place to test gear

Often times, waterproof zippers can be a challenge to open with one hand.  Think about a high-end soft side cooler, like the Pelican Soft Cooler.   The waterproof zipper on that cooler works great and is durable.  But it can be a challenge to open some times.  That is just how it goes with traditional waterproof zippers.

semi-opaque, so you can not fully see inside

I wound up using the Runoof to protect my cameras and lenses for the last few months.  The bag was a perfect size for a mirrorless camera (Panasonic G7) Insta 360 One X, mic and a prime lens (25mm). Not only did it fit the gear and keep them protected from the elements (and our dogs), but it was easy to open.

there is the gear!

This technology is really impressive. I am looking forward to seeing more and more companies use this patented technology from Nite Ize.  The applications are boundless. Bonus, the system is made in the USA.


Nite Ize RunOff Waterproof Packing Cube - Large | REI Co-op $55.00


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