Skratch Labs Grape and Peach Hydration

Kate Agathon

Skratch Labs Grape and Peach Hydration
Skratch Labs Grape and Peach Hydration


Skratch Labs has just released two new hydration mix flavors for late spring/early summer: Grape and Summer Peach. Both are delicious but in their own unique ways.


Let’s begin with Grape.


I’ve never been a fan of grape-flavored anything, but I know plenty of others who do (I have a co-worker who was ecstatic about the new flavor and bought it the day it was available for purchase; needless to say he loved it) and was curious to try a sample.


Upon the first sips, my skepticism disappeared.


It didn’t taste overly sugary or artificial (I had been expecting something that would taste like a bold liquid Lifesaver). Nor was it fizzy, or awful on the first couple of sips. Instead, it tasted nice. Refreshing, even. It did taste a little stronger than other Skratch flavors, but it had a nice “clean” flavor, so to speak. My taste buds were pleased.


But, it’s Skratch and so it shouldn’t be surprising.


One of the qualities that Skratch is known for in its hydration mixes is the subtle flavors- nothing with an overwhelming flavor, nothing that tastes fake, no aftertaste. And definitely not the feeling you’re dumping something bad (no shocking neon green or Windex blue colors here) into your body.


It could not be more appropriate that Skratch Labs is based in Boulder.


Designed by Skratch co-founder Dr. Allen Lim, Skratch’s hydration mixes are gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan, kosher, and verified non-GMO. As a sports scientist and former coach to pro cyclists, Lim literally has sports hydration and nutrition down to a science.


With its subtleness (almost a hint of flavor), Summer Peach tasted more like classic Skratch.

I admit I used a half scoop more than recommended just to get more of that delicious peach flavor.


There’s a tea flavor I like that is a Peach and Green Tea blend. I was curious what it would taste like if I took Summer Peach and mixed it with my favorite Skratch hydration flavor, Matcha Green Tea and Lemon.Mixed together, the combination was neither good nor bad.


In the future, I’ll refrain from mixing flavors, but I do want to try Summer Peach with hot water. In the past, I’ve experimented with adding hot water to certain Skratch flavors such as Hot Apple Cider and Lemon and Lime to stay hydrated in the winter, and, as winter warmers, they’ve turned out great.


The final word? Skratch’s newest flavors -Grape and Summer Peach- are delicious and a great way for Skratch devotees to add some variety to their normal sports hydration.

While I do like the idea of looking forward to seasonal flavors such as Hot Apple Cider, I like certain flavors so much I wish they were part of the regular rotation available year-round because I go through so much Skratch. Despite its name, I’d love to see Summer Peach available past spring and summer cycling season.


Skratch Grape and Summer Peach hydration mixes are available in two sizes, single serving (MSRP $1.95) and resealable 20-serving pouch (MSRP $19.50).

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