TREW Gear collaborated with MIIR to offer up the coolest mug ever. Take the MiiR Camp Cup with Thermo 3D Double Wall Vacuum Insulated technology (reviewed here) and stick a big thumbs up on it. That is basically it. That is all you need.

MIIR Camp Cup


MiiR knows how to make a ridiculously simple and functional insulated vessel. MiiR is a great company that gives back on a lot of levels. So you can feel really good about that. every MiiR product has a “Give Code” that you enter on the MiiR website. Then you can track to see where your portion of good karma is going. Projects range from local to international parterres such as Splash, Water 1st, One Day’s Wages, America SCORES Seattle, Boise Bicycle Project, World Bicycle Relief and Bike Works. Check out the MiiR giving page for more information.

TREW is an awesome company that is by the people and for the people.  The look and feel the of the camp cup is perfection. The thumbs up looks even better in person. They nailed the aesthetics. The Camp Cup even has an effective lid to keep insulation in and keep liquid from splashing out. Hardshell Powder coating on the outside adds the final touch (and excellent hand feel).

How does it actually perform?

It keeps your cold drinks cold and your hot drinks hot. It does not sweat (something all single wall vessels do). It holds 12 oz of whatever you’re drinking.  Huge bonus – the TREW MiiR Camp Cup is dishwasher safe. Almost every double wall insulated cup we have tested (which is a lot of cups!) are hand wash only. Lazy people rejoice! Drink up, look cool and stick the dirty dish in the washer with the rest of your dishes, you lazy ski bum. Thumbs up on top of thumbs up. Makes a great gift!


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