Mountain Standard is a Colorado brand focusing on a few core products. One of them is the Mountain Standard MTN Utility Glove. These leather gloves look a lot like other leather ski gloves out there for a reason. The people behind the MTN Utility gloves designed well over 100 pairs of gloves for other brands. So they figure they should use that vast knowledge to make their own gloves. I put them through the ringer and have some thoughts on the MTN Utility Glove.


Being a leather glove has many advantages. The leather is more durable than most synthetic materials. Leather also feels better as it gets broken in. Leather usually lasts longer than synthetic materials as we. Then there is the street credibility you get with a pair of well-used leather ski gloves. The MTN Utility Glove uses goat leather for pliability and durability.

Mountain Standard MTN Utility Glove



The Mountain Standard MTN Utility Glove goes above most gloves in two ways. First, it has 80grams of Primaloft Gold insulation. Not too much for backcountry use, yet not too little to keep your hands warm on a brisk day. Second, it has significant padding on the back of the hand and knuckles. This comes in handy when touring through trees and banging your hand on rocks and gear.

Mountain Standard MTN Utility Glove

I put several days of splitboard touring in with these gloves and even used them for a recent AIARE Companion Rescue course. During the course, we spent a lot of time in the snow, digging and searching for beacons. Way more time in snow then anyone would probably do in a typical day of skiing or snowboarding. At the very end of the day, the gloves started to get “wet” looking. Though no warm was lost and no moisture actually got through. The MTN Dry liner proved to work. This is also without treating the gloves with the usual Snow Seal or Nikwax treatment that I eventually do with all leather gloves. Why did I not apply the sealant to the gloves? I wanted to give them an honest test of harsh conditions before giving them “the treatment” so to speak.

mountain standard MTN Utility Glove review

I am honestly impressed with the build quality and durability of the MTN gloves. I am usually a large in gloves and the large fit… like a glove. I usually opt for elastic wrist (think cheaper leather work gloves) but the adjustable velcro closure wrist won me over. I appreciate the little red loop on the middle finger. This allows you to hang the gloves to dry out. It also lets your friends know that you are giving them the finger. So there is no confusion there.

If you like leather ski gloves and brands like Black Diamond and Hestra are on your mind, I suggest you look into the Mountain Standard MTN glove. You will not be let down. MSRP $118 is very fair for this level of a glove.

Mountain Standard MTN Utility Glove

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