I’m a pretty big fan of Peak Design and I have especially used the original Peak Design Clutch on all of my big and clunky DSLRs. I have also used it on my more modern mirrorless cameras but something just wasn’t right about it. Well, fret no more because Peak Design is launching their 11th Kickstarter and with it a new low-profile hand strap, the Peak Design Micro Clutch!

Below is the official press release so if you are as excited as I am then please read on!

Peak Design Micro Clutch - Peak Design Launches Low-Profile Hand Strap for Mirrorless Photographers 1
I call this move “Dangling my Investment”

” Micro Clutch is the perfect balance of comfort and security and is Peak Design’s 11th Kickstarter.

Peak Design, the worldwide leader in camera carry solutions, is pleased to announce the launch of Micro Clutch: A minimalist hand strap specifically designed to meet the needs of mirrorless photographers. Micro Clutch will be launched as part of Peak Design’s celebratory 11th Kickstarter and represents a return to Peak Design’s roots in camera carry.

Given their compact size, Mirrorless cameras are often shorter than the width of a hand and lack the robust hand grip found on larger DSLR bodies. Gaining a secure grip on these cameras can be difficult. However, specific features of Micro Clutch, such as a recycled aluminum base plate with a sliding screw slot, and a stitchless hypalon hand pad with rotating pivot points, allow photographers to customize their fit while safely and comfortably moving between both carrying and shooting positions.

In addition to comfort and grip, the Peak Design Micro Clutch allows photographers to gain fast and easy battery access–a limitation of other mirrorless hand straps. Using a cleverly hidden adjustment tool, photographers can loosen the Micro Clutch’s base plate with one 360° turn, release the base plate, and open the battery door without needing extra tools or worrying about dropping parts.

“Our original Clutch hand strap has been a perennial favorite amongst our core photo customers but it’s been clear that the photography industry as a whole is moving towards the use of powerful, smaller bodied mirrorless cameras,” commented Peak Design Founder and CEO, Peter Dering. “Micro Clutch strikes the perfect balance between minimalist design and optimal comfort and grip. Not only are we excited about the product but we’re happy to reconnect with our endemic photo community through a new product and our 11th Kickstarter,” continued Dering.

Photographers can choose between different models of Micro Clutch depending on their make and model of mirrorless camera. An “L” style base plate for bodies with built-in grip and “I” base plate for straight bodies without grip.

Micro Clutch (MSRP: $69.95) will launch for presale discount ($50) on May 16, 2023 on Kickstarter–Peak Design’s 11th campaign–and become available direct-to-consumer in Early July.”

I don’t think I could have written this any better so there ya go. For more information or to support/preorder the all new Micro Clutch, go check out their Kickstarter. And if you’re on the fence about said product, once we get our hands on one we’ll do a review and compare the original Clutch to the new, smaller, Micro Clutch.

Till next time,

James Terry

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