This Just In: Vasque Footwear Took My Phone, and They Want You to Log Outside

Vasques Log Outside

This Just In: Vasque Footwear Took My Phone, and They Want You to Log Outside


Vasque Footwear gave us a pair of their newly redesigned eco-friendly Breeze hiking boots, in exchange for a 1 hour walk completely detached from our phones. By putting our phones in a special envelope which blocked all incoming signals, we were free of the chaos that can be our daily lives. Although no one talks to me anyways due to my lack of social skills I am not immune to the dopamine hits from mindlessly scrolling Instagram and YouTube and desperately needed this;.


We all put out phones in this little envelope, preventing them from connecting to the networks

Vasque Footwear is making a change. Not just content on changing the materials they use and their manufacturing methods to help save the planet, they are also changing their approach to how they engage with their customers and followers to help save us from ourselves.

Walking with Vasque

With our phones unable to communicate with the world, we were all forced to talk to each other

Just a few days ago Vasque quietly launched the Log Outside Project at Chautauqua Park in Boulder with a simple offer – spend one hour enjoying outdoors without your device and when you return we will give gift you a new pair of hiking boots. They weren’t kidding either. By the sounds of it, they empowered more than 300 hours of time spent disconnected outdoors. And if my poor math skills are correct, that’s about 300 pairs of high quality hiking boots loose in the wild. That’s one hell of a commitment if you ask me.

They didn’t ask you to download an app, sign up for a newsletter or give them a 5 star review on Yelp. In fact, you did the exact opposite. You put away your phone, spend time with what’s in front of you and enjoy the thing you were actually setting out to do. Being outside. And in the end you get a free pair of some sick boots? Mind blown.

This isn’t a regular thing now so don’t just rush over to all the trailheads hoping for a free pair of shoes. That’s not the point of this new ethos. The take home for me is the way Vasque Footwear is aligning their values with not just taking care of the planet but also how they genuinely care about our overall health as a whole.

For more detailed information on their new campaign and to check out some inspiring videos, check out their website here.

The newly designed Breeze

The newly designed Breeze

Also, stay tuned for my upcoming review of their newly released Breeze hiking boots and see how their new environmentally friendly features hold up to 2 treacherous weeks on the road including 5 straight days hiking the Appalachian Trail!

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