Costa Pescador Sunglass – Recycled Fishing Net Shades

Costa Del Mar Pescador front

From the Untangled Collection

The Pescador is the largest frame and lens from the Untangled Collection. Made from recycled fishnets, these shades are not only good looking but doing well for the environment. From the ocean, for the ocean!

Costa Del Mar Pescador side

Pescador with Side Shields

What sets these sunglasses apart from many others, is the removable side shields. These soft shields block the sun from the water or snow and keep your eyes safe in very bright conditions.

Costa Del Mar Pescador side shields

Pescador side shields

Pescador Review

I spend a good amount of time in the alpine and these sunglasses with the side shields attached came in handy.  When in the alpine, the sun can really beat down and reflect off the snow.  This can be downright dangerous at times.  The same thing goes for use on the water.  The side shields are soft and did not hinder vision or performance while touring on splitboard missions.

Large Frame

At first, I was a bit concerned that the shades would be too big and/or heavy.  For comparison, I placed them next to the Costa Del Mar Baffin sunglasses. Read the full review on the Baffin here:

Costa X Bureo – Untangled Collection – 100% Recycled Fish Net Sunglasses


Costa Del Mar Pescador vs Baffin

Costa Del Mar Pescador vs Baffin

As you can see above, the frame of the Pescador is bigger, but not by too much.  I found the fit to be excellent on my medium size head.  The option to install the side sheilds is what really impressed me.  If you spend any time in very bright conditions, either on water or snow, the Pescador would be a great sunglass for you.  The polarized optics and rubber nose and ear piece really make these a functional set of superior optics.  MSRP $219 with Side Sheild $269

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