Costa X Bureo – Untangled Collection – 100% Recycled Fish Net Sunglasses

Costa X Bureo Untangled Collection

Costa Untangled Collection – Polarized Sunglasses from Recycled Fishing Nets

You read that correctly.  100% recycled fishing nets.  Costa teamed up with creative thinkers over at Bureo to develop a line up of stellar shades that are cool for several reasons.  Bureo used their passion for the ocean to find a way to make plastic from old fishing nets.  It is a really cool story and they do a better job of explaining it than I do.  So check out the video below to learn more about Bureo and why they do what they do.


That was very cool, but how do the shades work in real life?

After meeting with the team of Bureo and Costa at the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market 2018, I could tell they were onto something big here.  I tried on a few pair form the lineup and was blown away with the optics and build quality.  I was sent a pair of Baffin with Blue Mirror Polarized Glass to test out.  These are very nice shades! The optics with glass lens are almost always better than other materials.  The Blue Mirror tint is great for bright light. Our female tester used the Caldera with Gray Polarized Glass.  These were great for everyday use too.

How we tested the Costa X Bureo sunglasses

The shades were put to use non-stop for weeks on end.  From driving and walking to hiking in the mountains.  These sunglasses are more than just good looking.  They are functional as well.  I went tenkara fly fishing in alpine lakes – a great test of polarized lenses.  I spent hours hiking up mountains – a great test to see if they will slide off the nose.  I left them on the dash of my 4Runner every day – a real-world test to see if they would get scratched up.

Costa X Bureo Untangled Collection

Final review on the Costa X Bureo Untangled Collection

I love these sunglasses.  For how they look (optics) and for how they look (aesthetics) but I really love them for what they stand for.  It impresses me beyond words that Bureo found a way to take a used product – fishing nets – get them out of the ocean and turn them into something useful and beautiful.  Trendsetters setting a good trend here.  MSRP $199 -219 as tested.

Costa X Bureo Untangled Collection

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