Chili Pad – Tara Youngblood – How to Maximize Your Sleep

Tara Youngblood is the Co-Founder of Chili Technology.  You have heard many of the previous guests (Brad Kearns, Dr. Craig Marker, Eric Frohardt) talk about the Chili Pad and how it has helped them.

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Chili Pad – Tara Youngblood – How to Maximize Your Sleep


In this very educational and helpful discussion, Tara shares with us the research she and her husband put into creating the Chili Pad.  What you can do at home to optimize sleep.  Polyphasic sleeping patterns and where the idea of 8 hours of sleep comes from.  And so much more.

As an added bonus, she created a discount code for you!  engearment25 for 25% off Chili Pad and engearment15 for 15% off Ooler.  Use this link –

On this site, you will find the resources for Vets, First Responders, and others.

Also, the quiz we talk about is on this site.

Some of the research she mentions is below too:

The Sleep Switch –

Ancestors probably did not sleep 8 hours –

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