What is adventure? Why do we need it? What do we gain when we have one?

Hear the formula Wil used for endurance success. Find out about the gear he took and why he chose it. Ponder why you might benefit from a stretch goal, how you will breathe life into it, and strategies for making it successful.

00:00 Intro (Breaking it down to Why? How? and What?)

00:56 The Adventure (Riding a bike up and back down a very big hill)

04:30 Why? – Why make life more difficult by embarking on an adventure of this nature?

12:51 How? – Overview – Training & Gear

16:38 How? – Training – 1. Heart Rate (the Maffetone Method)

21:08 How? – Training – 2. Nutrition & Hydration (Skratch Labs & Food Zone Portables)

26:31 How? – Training – 3. Saddle Time & Fortitude (Evolving distances)

27:49 How? – Training – 4. Hills & Altitude

29:15 How? – Gear – Overview & values

30:44 How? – Gear – The Bike – Triban RC520 from Decathlon

32:40 How? – Gear – Clothing – Pearl iZumi – (layering for diverse temperatures & conditions)

37:22 How? – Gear – Helmet – Sena R2X (communications built-in)

38:11 How? – Gear – Miscellaneous gear & thoughts

39:14 What? – The day/ride

50:00 Why? – Revisited – This is the big one for Wil

51:11 The Takeaways from the Experience

54:04 How to reach out to Wil if you want to talk about the value of adventure


Links: Chris McDougal’s Website – Where you can buy the book Natural Born Heroes.

The Book that Sean contributed to that goes in-depth on mitochondria – there is so much new research on why developing these little guys is so important.

An app for staying in a particular HR zone

If you want to know about sports nutrition and how to cook like a pro cycling team nutritionist, start here.

For rice cake recipes, delve into the blog for even more.


The gear:

Full review of the Pearl iZumi gear used:

All individual links are listed there

Full review of the Sena R2X helmet:

Decathlon RC520 on clearance:

Mountain Hardwear Stretch Down Jacket:

Mountain Hardwear Compressor Pants:



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