Engearment Podcast with Sean Sewell – Ben Nelson, Founder of Huck Adventures, Entrepreneur, Photographer, Climber

Ben Nelson sits down with Sean Sewell of to go over what the Huck Adventures app is, who it is for and what is in store for all the Huckers out here!  Growing up on 3 acres, Ben was always outside.  Participating in 4H and building things from the ground up.  It is natural that he uses these skills to develop such a helpful app, geared towards helping people find other people to do fun adventures outside.

I have been getting to know Ben for the last year and watching the Huck platform grow has been impressive.  Ben has great insights on how to help others in the outdoor recreation area.

Learn more about the Huck Adventures app here. 





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Hey, I am Sean - the co-founder of Engearment. We focus on mountain based gear - camping, skiing, splitboarding, snowboarding, hiking, etc. and a strong connection to the community. I am also a fitness professional - having created the Mountain Fitness School and building several fitness facilities around Denver. My heart is always in the mountains and I will do everything I can to help you get the right gear, train well and enjoy being outside.

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