Big Agnes Dream Island – Two Person Sleeping Bag Paradise

The Dream Island two-person sleeping bag from Big Agnes features synthetic insulation and cotton materials to make you feel at home.  Rated to 15 degrees, this bag is super warm!

Cold Weather Car Camping for Couples

As a Colorado couple that enjoys camping year-round, it can be hard to find a sleeping bag for our needs. Most are rated to 30 degrees, sometimes even 20.  The Dream Island is rated to 15 degrees! Weather in the mountains can change rapidly.  It can be warm, shorts weather all day.  Then the sun goes down and the temps drop drastically.  It is common to have overnight temps in the 30s, even in the middle of summer.

Big Agnes Dream Island Double Sleeping Bag Review -

Chloe dog loves this bag

Personally, I like sleeping cold.  But, if I want my wife to enjoy camping then I need to make sure she is warm and comfortable.  The Dream Island makes this easy.  It is packed (perhaps overpacked) with Fireline synthetic insulation.  This is a good, partially recycled, insulation that does a great job of providing warmth.

Big Agnes Dream Island Double Sleeping Bag Review -

super fluffy sleeping bag in Roofnest Tent

Made for a sleeping pad

In the typical Big Agnes fashion, the sleeping bag is designed to mate with a sleeping pad.  The sleeping pad slides into the sleeping bag (stretchy sleeves and pockets on the bottom of sleeping bag).  This keeps the sleeping bag in place.  It also allows Big Agnes to focus on putting more insulation on top of the bag.  They figure that the insulation you are laying on will be compressed anyway.

Big Agnes Dream Island Double Sleeping Bag Review -

Big Agnes Dream Island Double Sleeping Bag with two sleeping pads inserted

In the field, this theory seems to work out well.  I have used many Big Agness sleeping bags and not been cold with the lack of lower insulation.  Just make sure to have a legit sleeping pad!  Like the Big Agnes Insulated Air Ultra.   Read our review on that pad here.

Big Agnes insulated air core ultra

Comfortable Materials

The cotton/polyester blend of the sleeping bag interior is very comfortable.  It feels like your comforter at home, and not like a sleeping bag.  The draft tubes and collar help trap heat in.  There are even adjustable hoods to really keep you warm. One of my favorite features is the dual pillow sleeves.  These keep your pillows in place and do a dang good job of that.

Great for car camping

But not for backpacking!  At 7 1/2 lbs, this is not a light bag.  Compressed, the bag is around 1’x1′, but I prefer to keep it in the provided mesh bag.  I am not a fan of compressing synthetic insulation.  Despite is larger packed size, I would highly recommend this sleeping bag for car camping.  The bag is very warm!  If anything, it may be warmer than it’s 15-degree rating.  I have spent many nights in this bag, with my two dogs, in temps around 25 degrees.  No issue staying warm at all.

If you are looking for a reliable, warm, two-person sleeping bag, I would recommend the Big Agnes Dream Island.  This is the longes of the double-wide sleeping bags that Big Agnes offers.  There is also the Cabin Creek 15 and Big Creek 30 to check out.

Big Agnes Dream Island - Two Person Sleeping Bag Paradise 1Dream Island Double Sleeping Bag: 15 Degree Synthetic $269.95


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