Spark R&D Tip & Tail Clips – Keep Your Splitboard Together

If you are a splitboarder, then you have probably dealt with your board getting a little sloppy after time.  The board halves tend to separate and sometimes there is even a gap between the skis.  The Spark R&D tip and tail clips help with this.

Spark R&D Tip and Tail Clip

Spark R&D releases a locking tip and tail clip.  MSRP $20. They are relatively easy to install, requiring just a drill and some elbow grease.  Make sure to follow the instructions closely.  I get antsy and overtightened one of the T-nuts.  Made for a sloppy play, but did not ruin the day. Hey hey!

Keep it together

Seriously though, these are very helpful for keeping the skis together to form a better board feel.  Not only that, but they lock and keep the tip and tail from separating.  I don’t know about you, but I was consistently finding my tip or tail clips open after getting after some hard turns.  The Spark R&D Tip and Tail clip really helped with this.

Spark R&D Tip and Tail Clip
Enjoying the improved Lib Tech connection

Bargain fix

For $20, you can’t beat it.  The only caveat is self-installation.  Though, if you are a backcountry snowboarder, you are used to being handy.  So, have a cup of coffee, read the instructions and install them.  This system is great for older boards that have gotten a little, shall we say, sloppy?!  You know what I am talking about.  Your split started off tight and pretty.  After a few laps around the mountains, it starts to get a little loose.  Install these clips and pull it together.

Spark R&D Tip and Tail Clip

How the Tip and Tail clips were tested

One of my favorite powder boards is the Lib Tech Wingman 165.  I love this board and I have used the heck out of it.  Hut trips, pow laps, even in the resort.  After years of good living, The Wingman was getting a little gappy.  Not sure if that is a real word, but it makes sense, so let’s roll with it.  I installed the Spark R&D Tip and Tail clips and noticed an immediate difference. Like, night and day difference.  I love that it has several spots of wear it locks.  This allows for extra tightening as the board ages. Simple and effective.  Just get a set and salvage that board! MSRP $20

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