Mission Jones Pass – 18Jan2015

Mission Report from Jones Pass, 18Jan2015. Backcountry powder turns with the Engearment Gearheads and a guy named Blake.
Mission Jones Pass 18jan2015 1

Jones Pass seduced us.

When we set out to complete our PoleClinometer review and inclinometer comparison, we expected to head up, take care of business, and make a few turns on the way back to the truck.  We didn’t account for two things – the weather and people along the way.

Jones Pass is always a popular spot.  The upper lot is usually full by 9am on any given weekend.  We geared up and began skinning.  On the lower section of the road, we met a guy from Denver’s Confluence Kayaks.  He was kind enough to take a picture of the Engearmentcrew at the summer lot.

Mission Jones Pass 18jan2015 2

The Engearment crew never appears in photos together. This is an illusion.

As we skinned higher, we stopped for a moment to take some slope measurements.  That’s when we met Blake.  Blake is a cool dude.  He was out in the backcountry alone and said his wife would appreciate if he buddied up.  We were happy to oblige.  The day before, Blake has been out exploring some of the higher slopes of Jones Pass.  We shared knowledge about the area and talked about approaches and lines.

Mission Jones Pass 18jan2015 3

Blake shows Dave where the good stuff is.

Even when you think you’re cruising along, the world can send someone along to remind you that you’re small potatoes.  Case in point – as we skinned higher up the Jones Pass road, a gentleman in his 70s flew by on snowshoes like we were standing still.

Mission Jones Pass 18jan2015 4

Humbling at 11,700′ elevation.

We headed off the road, aiming for a line we’d been curious about for a few weeks.

Mission Jones Pass 18jan2015 5

Dave breaking trail.

Even with a concrete goal in mind, there’s always time to stop and enjoy the view.

Mission Jones Pass 18jan2015 6

Especially with a view like that!

After stopping to swap jackets, replace hats with helmets and sunglasses with goggles, we scouted the line. . .

Mission Jones Pass 18jan2015 7

Always good to look before you leap.

and dropped in.

Mission Jones Pass 18jan2015 8

Dave drops into the line.

The sun was powerful and had baked the snow a bit, but it still made for some amazing turns.

Mission Jones Pass 18jan2015 9

Sean enjoying the fluff.

As always, we love you, Jones Pass.  We’ll see you soon.

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