SPY Montana Sunglasses – Improved Mood

Kate Agathon


Imagine a pair of sunglasses that not only fit as if they were especially made for you, but can also improve your mood through a patented technology.


Those sunglasses actually do exist in the form the SPY Montana sunglasses.

SPY Montana Sunglasses - Engearment
SPY Montana Sunglasses – Engearment

SPY Montana Sunglasses Review

From the frames to the lenses, the amount of tech thoughtfully packed into a single pair of sunglasses is amazing.


First of all, let’s talk about fit.


As a reviewer, I often receive samples of sunglasses and sports eyewear from various companies. There’s hardly anything more disappointing than looking forward to trying a pair of just-released eyewear that doesn’t fit- more often than not, they’re just too large.

SPY Montana Sunglasses
SPY Montana Sunglasses


SPY’s Montana sunglasses felt like they were designed with me in mind because of their “alternative fit” (previously known in the industry as “Asian fit”) frames that sit better on lower nose bridges than “standard fit” (general sizing for those with higher nose bridges).


Upon first try on, these mid-sized frame sunglasses fit my face and did not budge when I moved my head up and down and from side to side.


What I appreciated even more about the SPY Montanas was the way they felt. Constructed from Grilamid® (a high-performance polymide that felt soft, not the typical hard plastic I was expecting), the sunglasses felt super comfortable.

SPY Montana Sunglasses - Improved Mood 2Montana Asian Fit Sunglasses | SPY Optic


Next, let’s review the lenses.


The pair of SPY Montanas that I wore had the Happy Bronze/Gold Mirror lenses; 6-base polycarbonate ARC® lenses tricked out in Happy Lens™ technology (technology that boosts detail and mood by allowing the sun’s “good” rays in, while blocking the bad).


Basically, because of this technology, your vision is improved because you see enhanced color and contrast, while the long wave blue light promotes balance (hence improved alertness and uplifted mood).


The best way to describe how effective the SPY Montana lenses are is by likening them to taking a photo on your phone’s camera, and then applying a filter to the original photo.


The innovative technology enhanced colors in front of me- think of it as using the “vivid” filter option when editing a photo on your phone’s camera.


In other words, without the sunglasses, the world can look colorful, but appear harsh and bright-depending on sunlight. With the sunglasses on, the filtered world looks crisp and colorful with no harsh glare.


There is no shortage of bright sunlight in Colorado. I wear these everywhere I go and especially appreciate them at altitude when I’m in the mountains.


Sometimes I feel like the SPY Montana sunglasses were made just for me because of the fit, the way they feel, and the new perspective they offer when I see the world through their lenses. Without hesitation, I give these sunglasses two thumbs up!

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