IceMule Pro Cooler Backpack Review

Looking for a cooler that is also a waterproof backpack, capable of carrying 18 cans of your choice and keeping them cool for 24 hours? Well, the folks at IceMule have an entire lineup of backpack coolers that may be just what you need. Read on to find out why you should look at the IceMule Pro Cooler.

IceMule Pro Cooler Backpack Review

What is the IceMule Pro? A backpack or a cooler?

It is both! Yes, this is actually a comfortable backpack that can haul gear around. It is also a cooler that can fit 18+ cans or other goodies. When not in use, it can deflate and roll up relatively small. There is also a bungee cord pouch on the outside of the pack. The IceMule Pro is a 23L pack measuring 17” tall, 14” wide and 11” deep. Plenty of space to hold at least 18 beers. Heck, I fit 24 in there with no complaints.  IceMule also offers 33L and 40L versions, which can hold 24 cans and 36 cans, respectively, with ice.

Does the IceMule Pro Cooler work?

Yes! I put this cooler through A LOT of use. Not only in the summer, but in the winter as well. Why winter? I used it in winter camping to keep water bottles from freezing. IceMule does not advertise this as a feature, but I counted on this cooler to be a….. warmer? Back to the cooler side of the review. This backpack is actually a great cooler. It has been on a dozen camping trips, ducked in rivers, tossed around and it still functions. In fact, this cooler has been in my truck and used to keep water bottles and food chilled (or kept from freezing) the whole year.

How does IceMule work?

Basically, this is a dry bag made of burly MuleSkin ET material on the outside, for protection, and MuleSkin EV on the inside for thermal retention. In between those layers is PolarLayer, which is an insulating foam that is pliable. Finally, there is a valve to allow air into the PolarLayer and create a uniformly insulated middle. Once you are done using the cooler and want to compress it, simply open the air valve and roll it up like a sleeping pad.

(Ed. Note: the insulation also makes the IceMule pro a great, padded drybag.  Camera gear, anyone?)

Who Should Buy an IceMule Pro Cooler?

This is an awesome cooler for picnics or hikes. Personally, I found it got used more than any other cooler we have tested. It is so versatile that it finds it’s way into every outdoor adventure, from winter camping, to fishing, to poolside, to summer camping. This is a great cooler! MSRP $99 for the 23L, $119 for the 33L and $139 for the 40L.  Buy below or get it from Amazon


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