WANDRD HEXAD Access 45L Duffle Bag – Extremely Durable Camera Bag

The WANDRD HEXAD Access 45L Duffle Bag is one heck of a burly camera bag.  Built with security and function in mind. This travel bag is perfect or photographers on the move. Especially in outdoor projects.

WANDRD HEXAD Access 45L Duffle Bag Engearment.com

WANDRD – The Ultimate Adventure Camera Bag Company

I have worked with WANDRD on a few projects now and can vouch for their durability and thoughtfulness in each product.  I had the opportunity to test out the WANDRD DUO Camera Daypack before it went on sale as well as the packable WANDRD Veer 18L.  Even the Inflatable Camera Cube too!

What I gather from the gear they make, is that they work hard to create products that photographers and content creators would want to use.  Especially in inclement weather.  And traveling to remote locations.  Their attention to detail is impressive.

WANDRD HEXAD Access 45L Duffle Bag Engearment.com

Security in mind

The HEXAD Duffle has several security features to keep your gear safe.  Like the two latching straps that cover the side access to the camera cube departments.  This helps you keep the compartments safe when traveling. These are also removable if you don’t want to use them.

WANDRD HEXAD Access 45L Duffle Bag Engearment.com

There is also an RFID secure passport pocket and several other small pockets.  Bonus – there is even a secret compartment above the shoulder straps that can keep your keys, wallet, and other small items in.

Side Camera Access

There are two side access cubes that easily fit the WANDRD Camer cube $49.  These nifty camera protecting cubes easily hold a camera (in my case a Panasonic G9 with Leica 12-60mm F2.8 lens and Panasonic G7 with Leica Summilix 15mm F1.7 and  14-140mmTelephoto lens. Each with a RODE Wireless Go and RODE Video Micro microphones.  Plus, extra batteries and chargers for each.

WANDRD HEXAD Access 45L Duffle Bag Engearment.com
WANDRD HEXAD Access 45L Duffle Bag with Camera Cubes and Panasonic G9, G7, Weebil S Gimbal, RODE mics and gear

These camera cubes can be used outside of the HEXAD Duffle as well.  In fact, I usually just carry one cube with the G9 and accessories for quick shoots.

Clothes or gimbal?

On the other side of the clamshell-opened duffle bag is a zippered mesh area for storing your clothes and other items.  Or, you can use that area for more gear!  I use it to carry a gimbal, in this case, the Weebill S and all its accessories. Side note – this is the best gimbal I have used to date.  More on that in another review!

Real-world use

As you can see from the video and pictures, I used this camera bag in all sorts of outdoor environments.  From late summer to the middle of winter, this has seen a lot of use.  The bag has done a great job keeping my camera gear safe from snow and moisture.  It has endured several camping trips with our two dogs too.  The HEXAD has lived in my 4Runner for the last few months and been through the wringer.

WANDRD HEXAD Access 45L Duffle Bag Engearment.com

As far as I can tell, it looks almost new.  Despite all the use and abuse, it has not given me any problems.  Every time I go to use it, I find something new that I appreciate about it.  From the straps (that can be removed) to the zipper pulls (that can be swapped out for other colors) – WANDRD put a lot of attention to detail in this.

WANDRD HEXAD Access 45L Duffle Bag Engearment.com

Is the WANDRD HEXAD Access 45L Duffle Bag for you?

This is one heck of a camera bag/travel bag!  But is it the right one for you? If you are looking for the ultimate bag to carry at least one camera, its accessories, some clothes, valuables and do it all in style and protection, then this is a great bag for you. If you use more than one camera, and probably a drone and gimbal, and want to keep all that gear protected and secured, then this is for you.

At $259, it is a good investment to protect your gear.  I have used regular duffle bags to my electronics before, and have damaged some good gear in the process.  I think it is worth investing in a good bag to protect gear that I work hard to get.

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