Pelican Elite 20QT Cooler – Made in USA Coolness

Pelican Elite Cooler review -

Made in USA Coolness

Pelican Elite 20QT Cooler

The Elite Line of coolers from Pelican is designed to be the best cooler out there.  Backed by a lifetime guarantee and made in the USA.

Elite Cooler

I have used and tested several Pelican products over the years.  There attention to detail and craftsmanship is second to none.  Check out our write up on the cases and coolers from previous write ups. So, you can tell we are Pelican fans over here.

Pelican Elite Cooler review -

The Elite line from Pelican is meant to be the best of the best.  There are several sizes in the line up.  Pelican provided us with a 20Qt cooler ($150) for testing.  The build is top notch, that is evident from the start.  From the oversized handle with reinforced grip, to the raised feet on bottom.  This cooler is made to withstand some hard use.

Pelican Elite Cooler review -

USA Made

This cooler, and all of the Elite series are made in the USA. That is something we always appreciate and support here at Engearment.  Besides being made in America, the Pelican Lifetime Warranty has you covered.  You can feel good about that!

Pelican Elite Cooler review -

Press and Pull Latches

The sturdy latches are really simple to use.  It is a step up from the normal straps and latches of other coolers.  You can also lock the cooler to keep two-legged creatures from taking your food and beverages.  Speaking of beverages, there are 4 integrated cup holders on the top of the cooler.

Pelican Elite Cooler review -

Real-world use

I took this cooler out camping most of the summer. I left it in the sun during the day and out at night.  It was used to tie down canopies, as a chair for playing guitar and, of course, as a cooler.  The over-engineered design of this Elite Cooler is pretty badass.  I was able to get a 12 pack of beer in there with ease.  The 20Qt cooler lived behind the driver’s seat of my 4Runner when not at camp.  At 18 x 12″, it was a good fit.  The price of $150 is fair, especially when considering the build quality and being made in the USA.

Pelican Elite 20QT Cooler - Made in USA Coolness 120QT Elite Cooler $149.99


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