NEMO Equipment Losi 3 Tent Review

NEMO Equipment Losi 3p Tent – Two Night Review

NEMO Equipment Losi 3 Tent Review You're looking for a lightweight backpacking tent for you you and up to two other people. Maybe you're a couple with and a dog or two. There are many great options out there, but none offer the amount of livable space that the NEMO Equipment Losi 3p does. There are many great options out there, but none offer the amount of livable space that the NEMO Equipment Losi 3p does.
REI evrgrn product line

REI Launches New evrgrn Brand

REI evrgrn evergreen camping REI announces a new brand - evrgrn - focused on being out in the woods in comfort. "easy comfort and great friends who make the good times even better," they say! We say, yes. Please. More. Now. Click through for the full line, specs, and availability.
Engearment Ode to Gear Knives CRKT Swindle Ken Onion

An Ode to Gear – Knives

Engearment Ode to Gear KnivesThere are certain pieces of gear that come with us no matter what the occasion. Sometimes it's not the same particular item, but rather a category. Those are the best ones, because we get to have multiples stashed wherever we may need them (and our significant others get to say, "another one?" when we add to the collection). One of our favorites, here at Engearment, is the humble knife.
SIA Snow Show 2017

SIA Snow Show 2015 – Softgoods and Gadgets

SIA Snow Show 2015 1We're back from SIA Snow Show 2015! And boy did we see some cool stuff. The industry is innovating with new materials and designs, taking winter sports to the next level. We're going to cover softgoods and gadgets in this post. It will be photo-intensive. We'll have more posts later this week to talk about snowboards and splitboards.
Hutte Hut 1

Hutte Hut – Light, Minimal Car Camping Trailer

Hutte Hut 1We're far from done with the snow here at Engearment (You hear that, Ullr?), but we know some of your minds are already dreaming of warmer days and the activities that come with them. Our summer jaunts range from backpacking trips into the wilderness to gathering friends around a fire at a campsite off a dirt road for drinks, s'mores, and sausage-stealing dog shenanigans. We understand that not everyone is going to enjoy sleeping on the ground. For those who want to bring a real bed along, but want something with classy looks and low weight that will work with any vehicle's towing limits, we introduce you to the Hütte Hut by Sprouting Sprocket Studios.
Backcountry Booze

Backcountry Booze – a primer

Backcountry Booze Maybe you have set up camp, and have the fire going nicely, tents secured and sleeping bags lofted. Or, you're out in the sidecountry with some friends, taking a break between laps of a beautiful powderfield. You and your group settle in to enjoy a great moment of outdoors and good company. For many of us, this would be an excellent opportunity to share a drink with our fellow backcountry enthusiasts.