NEMO Equipment Dagger 2p tent review

Step Inside the NEMO Dagger 2P Tent

Once you get passed the small doors (literally - get passed them), the NEMO Equipement Dagger 2P is a great 2-person tent. It's sized realistically for two people to live together inside without having to be intimate. NEMO includes good vestibule space and storage options. We can recommend it.
Eco Vessel Boulder Trimax insulated water bottle

Eco Vessel Boulder TriMax Insulated Water Bottle

There are a lot of insulated, stainless steel water bottles out there, but none, that I have seen yet, come with a tea strainer. The Eco Vessel Boulder water bottle does. If you enjoy brewing loose tea on the go and want to keep it warm for up to eight hours, then this is an ideal set up for you.
Mountainsmith Day Pack Lumbar 2016

Mountainsmith Day Pack – New 2016 Model Brings Back 1994 Awesomeness

Mountainsmith is a company that lives and breaths longevity. In a world where most products are disposable, Mountainsmith lives by a credo: Forged for Life. I purchased my Mountainsmith Day Pack – the largest in their Lumbar Pack series – in 1994. It still looks brand new. Mountainsmith sent us a preview of their new-for-2016 Day Pack because they agreed that a comparison of the two would be awesome.
Avex ReCharge Thermal Mug Autoseal

Avex ReCharge Thermal Mug

Sometimes, thermal mugs can look goofy or out of place in the real world. The new Avex ReCharge thermal mug keeps your drinks at the right temperature and looks good while doing it. But any insulated mug can keep your drink hot/cold. What's so great about this one? The Avex ReCharge thermal mug features a nifty, leak-proof design called AUTOSEAL that actually works to prevent leaks of your precious fluids.
Boreas Gear Muir Woods 30 Daypack Review

Boreas Gear Muir Woods 30 – Amazing Ventilation

Sean is a picky backpack tester, like really picky. He was searching for a day pack that was around 30 liters, had a nice amount of features - such as multiple pockets, side water sleeves, hip pockets, adjustability - and a good back panel that allowed for structure and breathability. So he found himself with the Boreas Muir Woods 30. It has been reviewed by others but he needed to get his hands (and back) into it and see if it was Engearment-worthy.
Petzl Tikka RXP

Petzl Tikka RXP – Automagically Adjusts Brightness

Petzl Tikka RXP ReviewHeadlamps are a staple of the outdoors. They come in all shapes and sizes, but for the most part, you have a small boxy thing strapped to your head. It'll have a button or two, a few LEDs in both red and white, and some batteries inside. Some do a slightly better job of sucking juice out of the batteries more efficiently, leading to brighter lighting or better run time. One of the buttons usually turns the headlamp on. The second switches between modes and brightness levels. But that second button - doesn't it sort of defeat the purpose of hands-free lighting?
Sierra Designs Convert 2 convert 3 review 2

Sierra Designs Convert Tent Review – 4-Season Strength, 3-Season Weight

Sierra Designs Convert 2 convert 3 review thumbA couple of years ago, Sierra Designs flipped their entire line of products on its head. They were in a bit of a rut - heavy packs with no innovative features, boring tents (ed.: Except the Tengu! We love you, Tengu!), uninspired sleeping bags and outerwear. Within the past two years, they've introduced industry-leading light weight tents and innovative sleeping bags like their Backcountry Bed. The Sierra Designs Convert 2 and Convert 3 4-season tents look to be the pinnacle of that shakeup.
NEMO Equipment Morpho 2p Tent

NEMO Equipment Morpho 2p – Two Night Review

NEMO Equipment Morpho 2p TentLet’s do a thought experiment for a moment. What if your tent did everything a tent was supposed to do – in fact, did it better than most tents – without any poles? Well, we have good news and bad news. The good news is, such a tent exists: the NEMO Equipment Morpho 2p has been around for ten years. Of course, we wouldn’t have mentioned good news without a bad news chaser: you won’t be able to buy it after this season. Click through to learn more.