Kuhl Radikl 10″ Shorts Review – Practical and Good Looking


The Kuhl Radikl 10″ shorts ($79) are a great mix of good looks, casual style, and practical functionality. Featuring a hybrid mix of materials, the Radikl stretch and allow for a complete range of motion for your adventures.  There are a lot of great shorts from Kuhl to choose from, so I hope this helps!

Kuhl Radikl 10″ Shorts Review

The Kuhl Radikl come in a few lengths – 12, 10, and 8″ versions as well as a very wide range of waist sizes.  This is one of my favorite things about Kuhl, the inclusion of us odd sized people! I am a 33″ waist and find that almost all of the Kuhl pants and shorts fit spot on.

I chose to go with the 10″ version as I want more mobility and less coverage. Heck, I might go with the 8″ for the next pair.  I am testing out the Navigatr in shorter lengths right now and really like the way the shorter shorts fit and function.

Kuhl Radikl Shorts
Kuhl Radikl Shorts

The Radikl shorts and pants are made of a mixture of 68% cotton 29% nylon and 3% spandex. This gives it a stylish athletic but allows it to stay out of your way when exercising and recreating. You can wear these out on the town as well as on the trail. It is a great hybrid short.

Kuhl Radikl 10" Shorts Review - Practical and Good Looking 2
Kuhl Radikl Shorts – starchy panels

The style is very subdued too.  Hand pockets are deep enough to be very useable and my second favorite feature is the right side cell phone pocket.  It is the best in the business. I have never had my phone fall out of the pocket, even when exercising.

Kuhl Radikl 10" Shorts Review - Practical and Good Looking 3Shop Radikl Short | Men’s Shorts| KÜHL Clothing


I own a few pairs of the Radikl pants as well, and they are just like the shorts. Casual look yet very functional for hiking and active work. They do not look as technical as some other Kuhl pants.  Which can be nice when you are looking to use them for mixed-use.

Bottom line, the Radikl shorts fit well, look good and work in a variety of settings.  I like them for cooler to warm temps.  When it is very hot, I would recommend the Navigtr shorts (our review here)



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