Patagonia Women’s Ascensionist Jacket – Ultimate Jacket for the Gear Obsessed

Patagonia Women's Ascensionist Jacket

Ultimate Jacket for the Gear Obsessed

Patagonia Women’s Ascensionist Jacket

Patagonia Women's Ascensionist Jacket

Patagonia Women’s Ascensionist Jacket – Erin Machan

Anyone who knows me, KNOWS I love jackets. It’s not just that I have a slight obsession, but I am forever on the hunt for the perfect jacket for each adventure. Between mountain biking, climbing, hiking, snowboarding and everything in between, I use a lot of gear.  I also heat up even in the coldest conditions, so I need something that’s warm but also vents well. It’s tough to find all the things you want in one jacket, but I think I may have found it with the Patagonia Women’s Ascensionist Jacket.

Almost everything you need to know about the Ascensionist Jacket you can read on the website but there’s so much more to it than just the technical details. For starters, the fit is great. I’m 5’9” and 150lbs and I wear a medium.

Great Sleeves

Unlike a lot of women’s jackets, the length on the Ascensionist is ideal and because of the mobility sleeves, the body of the jacket doesn’t move when you do. Nothing is worse than a jacket lifting above your waste when you raise your arms, so when you’re climbing or moving around the jacket still has plenty of coverage. The sleeves are long and allow you room to move around without them riding up, but they also have Velcro so when you’re belaying or messing with your gear you can keep them up off your hands.

Patagonia Women's Ascensionist Jacket

Patagonia Women’s Ascensionist Jacket

Complete Protection Hood

The hood is pretty much everything I’ve ever been looking for in a technical jacket. The system to synch the jacket around your helmet or head works great and keeps it in place. The little visor actually works to keep the rain out of your eyes because you can secure the hood in place. I’ve honestly never understood those visors on a jacket unit now, they always seem to be pointless, but with the Ascensionist it makes a huge difference.

Patagonia Women's Ascensionist Jacket

I’ve worn this jacket on some really cold and windy days and it’s so good at blocking wind and keeping me warm. When I do get hot, the zippers under the arms allow just enough ventilation, so I don’t overheat and they are super easy to use because of the two way system.

Patagonia Women's Ascensionist Jacket

I’ve used it Mountain Biking in the Alpine and it honestly works better than most of the cycling-specific jackets because of the ventilation and hood adjustments. The best part is it packs down pretty small so you can throw it in your pack.

I love the Sunset Orange color but of course the blue and black are just as stunning. At the end of the day, this is the goldilocks of jackets. It keeps you dry with Gore-Tex Active, comfortable with mobility, breathable with ideal ventilation and even safe with the RECCO Reflector; for $499.00 this jacket is worth every penny!



Erin Machan

Patagonia Women's Ascensionist Jacket - Ultimate Jacket for the Gear Obsessed 1

Erin Machan was California born and Alabama raised. When she isn’t talking shit about SEC college football (WAR EAGLE) she’s probably riding her mountain bike, talking about mountain bikes or teaching about mountain bikes. She learned how to ride a horse before she could walk and eventually became obsessed with competitive horse show jumping. When she wasn’t competing in show jumping, she was probably snowboarding, doing yoga or traveling the world looking for the next best horse.

Patagonia Women's Ascensionist Jacket - Ultimate Jacket for the Gear Obsessed 2


Eventually, life changed as it always does and her Olympic dreams were behind her, so she was on the hunt for something new to be completely obsessed with, and that’s when she found bikes. It started with a used Trek on craigslist for $250 and soon escalated to a full-blown addiction. She’s since completed the Arizona Ironman, too many half Ironman’s to count, 3x 24-hour MTB races, 3x Leadville MTB finisher, and a handful of big races ahead including the Breck Epic! Erin is also the Co-Founder of Project Bike Love, an organization committed to empowering impoverished women and changing their lives with the gift of a bicycle.

Patagonia Women's Ascensionist Jacket - Ultimate Jacket for the Gear Obsessed 3

She lives and breathes bikes, but when she’s not riding, she’s planning her next Rock or Ice Climbing adventure, learning how to Split Board and chasing adventure. You’ll most likely find her anywhere in Colorado, Moab, Red Rocks, Joshua Tree, Lake Tahoe, Pisgah National Forest, or recharging at her family’s Lake House near Auburn, AL. If you’re lucky enough to catch her, she’ll definitely talk your ear off about what gear she’s using. This girl is a gear junkie through and through. She’s spent over 6 years in the cycling industry and loves getting people stoked on the best gear the industry has to offer!


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