The Weston Backwoods has been garnering lots of acclaim over the last few years. Being named “Editors Choice” by Backcountry Magazine in 2017 and a host of other positive feedback. I took the new and improved 2018 Weston Backwoods splitboard up into the local Colorado backcountry to put it through our review process and see what everyone else was raving about.

2018 weston blackwoods splitboard review

The Weston Backwoods is a directional powder splitboard with a slightly set-back stance and massive rocker nose. This helps it float in powder (obviously) but also makes it a lot of fun to ride. I did not encounter much in the way of pow – we were testing the board in May – but I did have a blast riding the board on the corn snow way above treeline. I found that the larger rocker nose did a great job of keeping me on top of the snow, with less effort of leaning back (like I would have to do on some other boards). The tail tapers down by 18mm and does a good job of allowing the user to turn the board.


The Backwoods tours up very nicely as well. Credit to the camber under foot or allowing more skin contact with the snow. The board has carbon inserts from back inserts to the tail that do a great job of absorbing shock on jumps (I did not huck anything big, but did have fun on some rollers). One of my favorite things about the Backwoods was the build quality and top sheet. The top sheet is textured and helped keep snow from sticking to the board. The new graphics are awesome and a step up from the current model.


The new Backwoods will also come with the new Karakoram Ultraclip. I love these clips and have a review up on them as well. They are great as they slide out of the way and don’t make any noise on the tour up, attach the boards together perfectly and are adjustable to keep tension throughout the board’s life. I find that all splitboards eventually get a bit of a gap between the skis, so having adjustable clips can keep your stoke high and help you enjoy riding the board for a longer (and safer) season(s).

2018 weston blackwoods splitboard specs review

2018 weston blackwoods splitboard profile review

Aaron Rose did the majority of the testing and is in the rider in the video.  The 157 was a perfect size for him.  I really enjoyed the board but would opt for the 163 next time.  Both of us were so impressed with the Backwoods that we put it at the top of our wish lists. Engearment approved!

If you need, need, NEED, it right now, you can grab the current model from REI.


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