Arc’Teryx ReGEAR: The Future is Here Boulder

Yellow Arc'teryx Boulder Patch

Boulder Welcomes Arc’Teryx Store:

A lot of companies are pushing for a more environmentally favorable business model and Arc’teryx is no exception. Not just content with using the highest quality materials and latest tech for us to punish, season upon season: they are also offering the service and repair of their gear at select locations. Boulder, the future is here.

Late last year Arc’Teryx enticed us with free breakfast to come up to Boulder and check out their new store. I’m not one to pass up free food so I made the trip up to Boulder not knowing exactly what to expect. Complimentary free-range croissant and grass-fed coffee in hand, I noticed what looked to be a service area of sorts. If there is anything I love more than gear, it’s tools.

They are taking my favorite approach to sustainability by offering on the spot repairs of your favorite Arc’teryx gear. I for one believe in fixing, stitching or repairing quality goods before discarding. This is one of the reasons I spend my wife’s hard earned money on what seems to be overpriced “toys”. When you buy quality gear, there is a better likelihood of it lasting and is usually worth repairing.

The new store in Boulder not only stocks their latest tech but you can also get your well used Arc’Teryx gear rejuvenated. From patching up holes to replacing zipper parts, they are making the effort to not just save the planet through better production methods, they are also creating sustainability by offering quality and sound repairs.

Let’s Participate:

Wanna contribute to the effort? Check out the Arc’teryx ReGEAR™ (ReBIRD™?) program. Here you can trade in or purchase previously used Arc’Teryx gear. This is the home for all their initiatives for repairing, reselling, and up-cycling. Through a process of meticulous quality control and inspection, they rehabilitate already used gear and sends it back into the wild for more adventures.

For More on Arc’Teryx:

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