G3 Splitboard + Glide Splitboard Skins – Mohair Mix for Splitboarders

G3 Splitboard + Glide Splitboard Skins - Mohair Mix for Splitboarders 1

G3 Splitboard + Glide Skins

G3 updated their entire line-up of splitboard skins and even added a mohair mix to the lineup. 

G3 splitboard skins

The new SPLITBOARD + climbing skins have a lot of improvements.  I tested the 2018 – 2019 G3 Universal Splitboardskins last month and found them a major upgrade over the previous generation.  How will the G3 Glide Mohair Splitboard + skin do in the mountains?

Mohair – Its hair that grips

Let me just start by saying that usually love mohair skins.  I feel that they glide better, pack up nicely and are lighter.  They do lack in some climbing power, but not so much that I would choose nylon over mohair – given the opportunity.  Us backcountry touring people spend a lot of time touring.  As such, it is nice to have a skin that works for you.  A skin that glides through the snow.  Offers just enough grip and packs up nicely.  That is usually where mohair comes in.

Mohair can be a great tool

If you have a decent enough skinning technique and you don’t try to climb straight up a mountain, then mohair will probably suit you well.  If you tour in dryer snow conditions, that is a bonus.  When G3 told us at OR 2018 of the new mohair offering, we were thrilled!

All the benefits of the new SPLITBOARD+ skins

After trying the G3 Universal skins for 2018-2019 season during the majority of the 2018 season, I had grown quite fond the upgrades.  The new camming tail clip is one of my favorites.  Skiers have been using this kind of clip for years.  I have no idea why it took so long for us knuckle draggers to get them on splitboard skins!  This camming feature streamlines locking the skins into place.  I even used the skins on odd tail shapes (Never Summer Swift for example) and had no trouble keeping the skins on.

G3 splitboard skins

New fabric, new glue, new new

The mohair skin is actually a mix of 70% mohair / 30% nylon.  This offers the majority of the glide benefits of mohair with the durability of nylon.  Personally, I did not notice a lack of glide given the 30% nylon.  I did appreciate the grip the nylon provided though.  I was able to skin up all the same aspects as my touring partners using the previous generation G3 Alpinist and High Traction skins.  The new glue is supposed to be more resilient and offer better adhesion.  I did not notice a lack of tack with the new glue.  Though I feel that the camming tail clip is the major factor in keeping the skins locked into place.

See our review of the G3 Universal Splitboard Skins

Easy to set up

Just like the other G3 skins, the Glide skins are super easy to set up.  Just mount them on the ski and cut the outside edge.  That is it. The hardest part is calibrating the tail clip.  Though, once you set it you can forget it.  Bonus – the tail clip aligns the extra tail on top of the Splitboard so there is nothing dragging behind the skis.

Overall impressions on the Glide Mohair SPLITBOARD+ Skins

Legit!  I prefer these over the new Universal skins for my touring.  My previous favorite mohair skin was the Jones Nomad.  The G3 feels a bit heavier and have a longer tail clip, but perform as well, if not better.  If you are mohair curious and want to see what the deal is, grab a set of these and get gliding.  MSRP $199


G3 Splitboard + Glide Splitboard Skins - Mohair Mix for Splitboarders 2Splitboard + Glide Climbing Skin $198.95



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