Gifts for the Backcountry Skier or Splitboarder

Gifts for the Backcountry Skier or Splitboarder

This category is literally the most important one here, as it can be a life-altering experience if your backcountry loved one does not have the right gear. Not trying to scare the bejesus out of you, but we hear to help.  Having used all of this gear in the backcountry ourselves.

Mammut Barryvox Beacon

I have personally used the Mammut Barryvox Beacon for the last season and can say that it is legit.  70m search range is beyond impressive.  Intuitive controls and the ability to update firmware from another Barryvox round out the quintessential awesomeness of this beacon.  MSRP $349

Mammut Barryvox Beacon

Karakoram Prime Splitbaord Bindings

Karakoram makes some really great splitboard bindings at their Washington facility.  Known for their active joining technology and great ride feel.  There are several models in the line up this year.  All of them work very well and I would recommend them.  From the Prim SL $669 to the Prime- X Carbon $929.  Female versions available as well. From $679 Personally, I ride the Prime Carbon-X RP Roberts model.  I love ’em.  Full review below.

Karakoram Prime X Carbon Splitboard Bindings – The Peak of Touring

Spark R&D Pro Surge Splitboard Bindings

Spark is the other main splitboard manufacture in the USA.  Based out of Montana, they hand make their bindings as well.  Using the tried and true puck system, the Spark bindings are versatile and durable. I have been using them for years as well.  The ease at which they slide on the board is really awesome.  There are two models in the Pro line up. Arc, for the lighter and more freestyle user, and Surge, for the heavier and hardcore user.

Spark R&D Pro Surge Splitboard Bindings

The Pro Surge bindings are available in both men and women and a variety of colors.  MSRP $540 The thing that I like about the Surge Pro is that they just work. They are light, durable and do their job.  Not a lot of pieces to break and they look good too. Not saying they are better or worse than other bindings (there are several brand loyal riders out there!) Feel free to check out our detailed review below for better understanding.

Spark R&D Pro Surge Splitboard Bindings – Lighter and Stronger!

Comparison of both splitboard bindings here:

Karakoram vs Spark R&D Splitboard Bindings 2018




G3 Skins – Universal and Glide Mohair

G3 really updated their line up of ski and splitboard skins this year.  Both skiers and splitboarders get a variety of options.  This is also the first time we splitboarders get a G3 mohair option (yay!).  Below are reviews on both the Univeral Spllitboard skins  $189 and Glide Mohair skins MSRP $199

2018 G3 Universal Splitboard Skins + Awesome Upgrade for Backcountry Snowboarding

G3 Splitboard + Glide Splitboard Skins – Mohair Mix for Splitboarders

SKEATS – Pocket sized crampons

Skeats are a great alternative to full ski or splitboard crampons.  They can fit in a pocket and are easy to apply on the fly.  The Engearment team spent MANY days on them last season.  Everyone loved them and picked up a pair.  At an MSRP $40 they are a great gift for your backcountry friends.

SKEATS – Pocket Sized Ski and Splitboard Crampons

Phantom Hercules Hooks

The Hercules Hooks are the most streamlined and functional splitboard clips we have tested.  Lightweight, no moving pieces and adjustable.  At $45, they are a bargain too.  It took a rocket scientist to design these.  So you know they are legit!

Phantom Hercules Hooks – Streamlined Splitboard Connectors


Dahlie Airnet Shirt and Pant Baselayers

When we first saw the Airnet baselayers at Outdoor Retailer, we were not sure what to make of them.  Most base layers are one kind of material and thickness throughout.  The Dahlie Airnet WOOL was a mixture of regular thickness merino wool and, what looks like fishnet pattern wool.  It is kind of hard to see from the stock pictures below, but the fishnet-like pattern is actually substantial.  I received the top and bottom and went out for back to back days of splitboard touring.  Honestly, they are the best baselayers I have worn for active tours.  They dumped heat amazingly well (I even wore them inside!) and kept me warm when we sat on top of the mountain for lunch.  When I get the cajones to take a pic of myself in these, I will swap out the stock photos :). Bottom line, these ISPO award-winning baselayers are legit.  Top MSRP $89 Bottom MSRP $89