Phantom Hercules Hooks – Streamlined Splitboard Connectors

Phantom Hercules Hooks - Streamlined Splitboard Connectors 1

Phantom Hercules Hooks – Streamlined Splitboard Connectors

Splitboard connectors have come a long way since the Chinese hooks.  Many companies have designed improved connectors for splitboards.  Phantom is known for their excellent hard boot splitboard technology.  The Hercules Hooks show how simple and effective a splitboard clip can be.

Simple is better

Hercules Hooks have no moving parts.  Therefore, less chance of breaking anything.  Once they are installed (using the existing screw hardware) and adjusted, there is nothing more to do.  Literally, set it and forget it.  The Hercules Hooks do not come with screws.  They use the existing hardware, so keep that in mind if you are building a splitboard.

Small contact, big effect

The first splitboard I mounted the hooks too did not go well.  The Lib Tech Wingman’s build was slightly off, therefore the contact between the left and right Hercules Hooks was not sufficient.  This is not necessarily Phantom’s fault.  The Hercules Hook’s posts are not as long and forgiving as the Chinese or Karakoram clips.  So when the spacing of the holes is off (from the manufacturer) then the potential for less than ideal contact may occur.  Phantom was quick to address this and offered a different option (very cool).  Lucky I have several boards to test the clips out and had no issue with the Never Summer Swift splitboard.

Phantom Hercules Hooks - Streamlined Splitboard Connectors 2

Do they work?

Yes, they absolutely work!  Once you adjust the small screw to get the tension just right, there is nothing else to worry about.  Nothing to rattle around and make noise.  Just a simple and secure connection on the splitboard.  The Hercules clips quietly did their job without issue.

Hand built in Colorado

One of the really cool things about the Hercules Hooks (and all Phantom gear) is that they are handmade in Colorado.  The founder – John Keffler is an aerospace engineer, working on NASA’s Orion Program.  How cool is it that a rocket engineer builds splitboard gear?!? The Phanom team includes Ryan Koupal – Founder of 40 Tribes Backcountry Adventures and Barrows Worm de Geldern – a certified badass splitboarder.  A pretty stacked team in my opinion.

Final Thoughts

Whether or not you are a hard boot splitboarder, you will appreciate the simple and effective connection provided by the Hercules Hooks.  Priced very fairly at $50.  Get them here. 



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