Rafael Pease Engearment Podcast

Rafael Pease Engearment Podcast


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Engearment Podcast with Sean Sewell – Rafael Pease – Connections Movement, Splitboard Mountaineer

Rafael is one of my favorite people.  He stops by the Engearment studio for his 2nd podcast on his way back to Chile to edit 2 of his upcoming Nat Geo documentaries.

Here is the video of the interview.  The cameras die on us twice, but this is most of the conversation!

We talk about the challenges of summiting a 21K Chilean volcano in the middle of winter. Fighting for public access to the beautiful mountains of Chile. Government censorship and control.  The adventures that went into making these films. And so much more.

He tests gear in the craziest conditions and is an Engearment OG partner. Truly, he is one of a kind!

It is a lively conversation and full of unedited dialog (not safe for work or kids!).  He is truly inspiring and fighting the good fight.

Learn more about Rafael and his company Connections Movement

Follow Rafael on Instagram – Rafael Pease

Rafael Pease

Rafael Pease and Chloe and Riley dogs at Engearment HQ

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