Vasque Breeze LT NTX Shoe Review – Natural Waterproof Shoes


The Vasque Breeze LT NTX are a new waterproof hiking shoe from Vasque that are just like the Breeze LT GTX, only these feature eco friendly NatureTex WPB technology. Making them a naturally better footprint.  (puny!)

I was already in love with the Vasque Breeze LT GTX (you can read and watch that review here) so I was very curious when they offered this new WPB version using NatureTex.  This is entirely new to me, but I gave it the Engearment testing and it passed.

Vasque Breeze LT NTX Shoe Review


Almost everything about the new Breeze LT NXT is carried over from the GTX version.  A few exceptions include different aesthetics around laces and a stiffer tongue.  I kind of prefer the tongue on the GTX version as the new one is stiff out of the box.  However, it does soften up after a little use (less than a day).  The new tongue is a lot like the one on the Satoru (video here)

Many of the Breeze LT GTX features

They look just like the Breeze LT GTX in a lot of ways.  And they have many of the same features.  There is about an ounce difference in weight.  The NXT is heavier, just slightly.

Vibram LiteBase with MegaGrip Traction

The traction on the Breeze LT shoes are among my favorite.  I have ranted and raved in all the reviews on the Vasque shoes and boots that feature this grip and midsole.  Not only is it lighter than most shoes, it has ridiculous grip!!

How I tested the Vasque Breeze LT NTX

I used these on snow when they first came in (yes, we have snow in June in the mountains of Colorado!). They saw daily use walking the dogs in the wet grass in the morning.  Many hiking trips in the mountains and lots of daily use here in Denver.  We had an usual amount of rain the last few months, and these came in handy!

Vasque Breeze LT NTX Engearment
Vasque Breeze LT NTX Engearment testing location

Who this is for

If you are looking for a natural alternative to GoreTex and want all the awesome features of the Breeze LT, then these are for you!

Vasque Breeze LT NTX Shoe Review - Natural Waterproof Shoes 2Breeze LT NTX Low Hiking Shoe - Men's



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