Mountain Hardwear Phantom Alpine 15 Sleeping Bag – RDS Down and Pertex Y-Fuse for Your Next Project

MH Phantom Alpine Sleeping Bag

Mountain Hardwear Phantom Alpine 15 Sleeping Bag – RDS Down and Pertex Y-Fuse for Your Next Project

New for 2019, the Mountain Hardwear Phantom Alpine 15 sleeping bag emerges as legit mountaineering sleeping situations Ultralight 10D and new Pertex Y-Fuse fabrics keep the 850 RDS down in place. Many more features that make this a dream to use.

packed up

2lb 5oz with compression bag!

Ultralight materials

Obviously, to save weight, Mountain Hardwear opted to go with the thinnest fabrics they can.  Using the tried and true Ghost Whisperer 10D fabric for the majority of the bag (all the yellow areas). The GW fabric is not only very lightweight, it actually feels good on the skin. A very important part of a sleeping bag, in my opinion! Bonus, the material is so light that is is partially translucent.  You can see the down clusters in the bag.  Pretty cool.

Next, the use the brand new Pertex Quantum Y-Fuse 20D fabric (all the green areas) for the lower portion of the bag.  This is usually the area of a sleeping bag that gets exposed to condensation and abrasion.  The Y-Fuse material is supposed to be more durable, windproof and down proof.  In the two months, I tested the bag, I can say it is all of those claims. Unlike some materials used to make sleeping bags more robust, the Pertex material actually feels good on the skin too.

Mountain Hardwear Phantom Alpine Pertex Y-Fuse

Mountain Hardwear Phantom Alpine 15 uses Pertex Y-Fuse

850 RDS Certifed Goose Down

I love that companies are embracing RDS down.  You can read more about that here – RDS.  The Phantom Alpine 15 bag has 20 ounces of this down stuffed into it.  That is 1lb 4 ounces of the 2lb 3 ounce bag.

Dual Access Side Zippers

At first glance, one may wonder why MH chose to offer two 3/4 length zippers.  No, this is not to offer one build for both left and right-hand peeps.  It is actually a very helpful design that allows the user to wear the bag while doing light prep.  By placing the three zippers (yes, three zippers!) on each side to allow the user’s arms to come out while keeping the body warm.  This allows for a good range of motion for heating up water or playing cards.

dual zippers on Mountain Hardwear Phantom Alpine Pertex Y-Fuse

Mountain Hardwear Phantom Alpine 15 dual zippers

These zippers!

Why am I so stoked on these dang zippers?  For starters, the main zippers glow in the dark.  Always nice after midnight stroll. Next, the two smaller zippers are configurable to allow for all sorts of options, as stated above.  Plus, the zippers just don’t snag.  I think we can all appreciate that.

Performance Fit

What does that mean? It means that this sleeping bag is trim as can be.  This bag is made to save weight, pack down small, and provide as much warmth as possible.  It does deliver on all those, but at a slight cost to use bigger folks.  I have tested plenty of sleeping bags over the years, and the Phantom Alpine is right up there with some of the slimmest fittings.  If you are a svelt climber, you will be fine.  If you are a bigger guy like myself, it might be an issue.  I tested the regular size and was able to sleep in it.  For reference, I am 6′ 205lb with 45″ chest.



Cold Weather Camping

I used this sleeping bag to camp in March and April of 2019 in the mountains of Colorado.  Average elevation ~11k and average overnight temps of 5-15 degrees.  I used a NEMO Tensor sleeping pad most nights, other nights I used an EXPED Downmat 9.  I think a good winter sleeping pad can make or break a quality sleep in colder temps.  So I always aim for more R factor than I might need.  I also try to use puffy pants and jacket when possible.  On several nights, I used the soon to be released Ghost Whisperer Pants and Phantom Hoody.  We will have detailed reviews on both of those soon.  They are both set to be released by fall of 2019 (and are really great kit!).

Mountain Hardwear Phantom Alpine 15 Sleeping Bag - RDS Down and Pertex Y-Fuse for Your Next Project 1

Chloe helps us test all the gear


Review of Mountain Hardwear Phantom Alpine 15 Sleeping Bag

The Phantom Alpine is a high end, performance-driven sleeping bag.  It has several features that make it versatile and useful in cold weather mountain adventures.  The bag packs up small, weighs a little over 2lbs and delivers on warmth.  However, it might be too slim for some users and might be a bit claustrophobic for others (like me). If you are cool with the close fit and all the other awesome features hit all the marks for your needs, then the Phantom Alpine is indeed your bag!

15 Degree Phantom Alpine Sleeping Bag $550

Chloe winter camping sticking her tongue out

Chloe fully approves of the MH Phantom Alpine 😛

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