Sean Sewell

Smartwool propulsion 60

When Sean was a young boy, he had a paper route.  His first purchase from his paper route money? A Swiss Champ knife.  He was officially hooked on gear.  That was 30 years ago and the knife is still getting used!  After thousands of days in the field, testing gear in all kinds of climates, conditions, and activities he is ready to help you get into the best gear for your adventures!

When not obsessing about gear, Sean is a certified personal trainer and owner of Colorado Personal Fitness and Mountain Fitness School.  He loves training clients to get into shape to enjoy all outdoor activities and adventures and loves getting them into the right gear so they can make the most of the experiences!  If he’s not training his clients in the gym and in the mountains, Sean is consumed with research into the best gear technology and testing it on adventures.  Sean is TRX-FORCE, NSCA-CPT, NPTI, NSNF, AIARE Level 2 and a certified gear enthusiast.

He also wrote the book on Splitboarding.