Grip 6 Belts – Comfortable and Clean

I’ve been wearing Grip 6 belts for the better part of a decade now. I was originally attracted to them because I was looking for something that was comfortable and clean enough to wear in a professional setting. Add the fact that they are manufactured right here in the US of A and I felt like I had found the perfect belt.
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I started with the traditional black belt and silver/metal buckle. I have since graduated to multiple buckles and colors. Grip 6 has also proved to be a very versatile belt, and is now a quiver killer for day to day at the office and the trailhead to boot.
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The list of why’s to this being my favorite belt are endless, but I’ll throw a few of my tops in here:
—No more carving out new notches when I drop a few lbs. The adjustability is second to none.
—Tons of styles, sizes, and colors to choose from. I prefer the “narrow” 1.1” belt and buckles for outdoor activities and the wider 1.5” for office and day to day use.
—Pretty sure I could use these things as a tow strap for my truck if I got stuck. They’re strength is unbelievable as you’ll see my kids are hanging from them with no sign of instability.
—My only complaint, some of the styles that I’ve been really excited to try are sold out whenever I try to grab them.
Give these belts a try. You will not be disappointed. I am 6’1”, 220lbs, 36” waist and I use the 38” belt. Don’t be afraid to go a little bigger. The extra is easily tucked into the other side seamlessly.
And now they make socks and wallets!!

Wade Lancaster


Wade grew up hunting, water skiing/wake boarding, and riding dirt bikes in West Texas. When he moved to Colorado in the early 2000s, he knew he had found his forever home, discovered snowboarding and mountain biking, and now spends as much time as possible outside with his family and friends enjoying all that our amazing state has to offer.

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The Lancaster Family is excited to add a rooftop tent to their outdoor gear this season and bring Engearment readers the best in gear reviews from splitboarding, mountain biking, and camping in the mountains of our wonderful state.

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Wade’s big boy job is as a private health insurance advisor and takes great pride in protecting the outdoor community from the “what ifs” in life.

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