KURU Atom – Smart Fitness Shoe

KURU Atom Shoe

The Atom shoe from KURU is a good looking shoe that is made to hug the heel while performing well.  Whether it be sport or casual, the Atom seems to fit in.

Built from the ground up to hug your heel

Using the KURUsole to absorb shock in a slighly different manner than other shoes.  Their propritary sole hugs the foot and provides comfort as you move.  Learn more about their technology here.

KURU Atom Shoe

Light and breathable materials

One of my favorite things about these shoes was how breathable they were.  As a fitness professional, I am often in a warm gym for long periods of time.  I appreciated how well these shoes kept my feet cool.  They also made great casual shoes on summer days.  More on that below.

KURU Atom Shoe

Good looks

These shoes acutally look quite good for a fitness shoe.  Streamlined asthetics and minimal flair make these good for gym to restaruant use.  My wife actually liked them so much I was able to wear them on many casual nights out.  Usually I opt for a traditional running or hiking shoe, so being able to use the KURU Atom for dual use was very nice.

KURU Atom Shoe

Performance in the gym

While these were great shoes for training others in, I was not as impressed with using them for my own training.  I will delve a little deeper into that to try and explain why.  One, I usually train barefoot.  There is nothing any shoe can do to completely replicate that, so lets cut the Atom some slack on that one 🙂

KURU Atom Shoe

Two, I train in all plains of motion and often use lateral movements and quick start/stops.  The same materials that I praised for being comfortable in the above paragraphs, tended to be forgiving in the lateral motions.  Meaning, they were slightly stretchy and not “restrictive” or as “supportive” as I might hope for.  I dont know that you, or others might be as critical on that as I am.

That being said, I think the Atom makes a great shoe for casual use, intermediate training and all around comfort with the bonus of looking and feeling good.  The tread is great on concrete and gym floors, the looks are smooth and the heel hold is great.

Mens $125

Womens $120

KURU Atom Shoe

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