Fun Gear

Fun Gear

We were not sure what to call this category as it covers SUP, technology and cameras. So, we decided on gear that is fun.  aka – Fun Gear! From folding kayaks to 360 cameras, this a fun collection!

Oru Kayak Haven – The Awesome Power of Origami

The Oru Kayak Haven ($1999) is 2 person kayak that can be converted to a single and has lots of storage for long days. The origami folding design will turn heads too! My wife and I took it out to our favorite lake to test with some friends and their kids.

Red Paddle Voyager 12.6 SUP – The No Compromises ISUP

Andrew Piotrowski

The Red Paddle Voyager easily handled the wind and chop. I have been paddling SUPs for many years and can honestly say that this board is one of my favorites.

Red Paddle Voyager

Red Paddle Voyager

Insta360 One R Camera Review – A Snowboarder’s Take on How To Use This Awesome New 360 Camera

The new Insta360 One R Camera is a revolutionary system. It can shoot 360 videos as well as 4K. Here, I show you how I used it for snowboarding and mountains.

Ricoh Theta SC2 360 Camera – User friendly and Colorful

The Ricoh Theta SC2 $297 is a slim and pocket-friendly 360 camera that comes in a bunch of fun colors.  Aimed at first time 360 camera users, the $300 camera delivers good 360 pictures and videos.  It stores them into an internal memory card and can take up to 3-minute videos.  This should be enough to cover those fun family moments!

BioLite Headlamp 750 – Super Light and Bright

The new BioLite Headlamp 750 ($99) is a super light (150 grams) and super bright (750 lumens) headlamp for serious night time adventures. I have had a pre-production sample for a few weeks and it has been lighting up the night!


Surviveware Large First Aid Kit – 10% Discount for Engearment Fans!

I would highly recommend this first aid kit for keeping at home and in your vehicle.  As a bonus, Survivware is offering YOU a 10% discount.  Enter code ENGEARMENT10 at check out.


Isle Explorer Inflatable Paddleboard – Highly Versatile SUP

Andrew Piotrowski

I had never really thought much of the inflatable SUPs until I got the chance to take one out on a botched climbing trip to B.C. I was shocked that an inflatable boat could be so sturdy. Ironically, it was the same time that I had been throwing around the idea of bringing some sort of boat with me on my frequent road trips for work.

I did not want to have a board/boat on my roof when traveling for work so I was looking for something that could fit in the back seat of my work car. The Isle Explorer Inflatable Paddleboard $795 ended up being the perfect choice for this. The board, paddle, fin, and pump all fit into the large backpack (about 75L pack) that comes with it.

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