Peak Design Marketplace – Peak Design Uses Community to Create a Superior Used Gear Shopping Experience

Peak Design Marketplace
Peak Design Marketplace

The Peak Design Marketplace is a peer-to-peer platform that eliminates the middleman

Peak Design, the worldwide leader in crowdfunding and everyday carry solutions, is proud to announce the launch of the Peak Design Marketplace: a brand-guaranteed, peer-to-peer platform for buying and selling used Peak Design gear. By directly connecting buyers with sellers, Peak Design removes the middleman from used gear transactions creating a streamlined customer experience that eliminates wasteful repackaging and additional shipping.

Traditional used gear platforms often rely on intermediaries to facilitate transactions and to inspect, certify, repackage and reship gear. This method creates inefficiencies and waste, leading to a subpar experience for buyers, sellers, and the planet.

In contrast, the Peak Design Marketplace empowers members of its community to work directly with one another to buy, sell, and direct ship their used Peak Design products. “If you make quality products that can have second and third lives, then their footprint on the world is divided by two or three,” commented founder and CEO of Peak Design, Peter Dering.

“However, any environmental benefits gained by promoting second-hand products are eliminated if the process by which they’re exchanged generates waste. Luckily we have customers that are both intelligent and sustainably minded. They’re capable of completing all aspects of the transaction and this allows us to cut out the middleman,” Dering continues.

Upon developing the peer-to-peer platform Peak Design was mindful of creating an efficient process through which owners could effortlessly sell their pre-owned gear. A streamlined, 3-step process allows sellers around the world to post, ship and collect payment from the Marketplace. Once a product has been sold, Peak Design emails the seller a pre-paid label for shipping, and upon receipt from the buyer, sellers can choose either cash payment or additional reimbursement via credit to

Buyers, regardless of how many times a product has been exchanged, are protected by Peak Design’s lifetime product guarantee, and both transactional parties have access to Peak Design’s world-class customer support. Dering notes, “When we create a product, we attach her name and her values to it for the lifetime of the product. The fact that it may be second or third hand should not change how we foster that product through its lifespan. Owning the customer experience helps us ensure happiness with the product.”

To learn more about the Peak Design Marketplace, or to begin posting products for purchase, consumers are encouraged to visit,

What makes this used gear platform different?
Brand-owned used gear marketplaces, popularized by Patagonia and Arc’teryx, often depend on 3rd party intermediaries to facilitate quality control of used gear, for repackaging, and then reshipping goods to buyers. While convenient for the partner brand, these intermediaries can add redundancies in the resell process, generating waste through unnecessary packaging, carbon via additional gear transit, and a further disconnect between buyers and sellers.
In contrast, the Peak Design Marketplace is an online, brand backed, peer-to-peer network for buying and selling pre-owned Peak Design gear:
  • Buyers + sellers directly interact: sellers post their goods on the Marketplace and then direct-ship to buyers

    • This process eliminates unnecessary packaging and eliminates additional carbon output via transit

  • Products, no matter how many times they’ve been exchanged, are still protected by Peak Design’s Lifetime Product Guarantee

  • The Marketplace is supported by Peak Design’s world-class customer service, just like regularly priced MSRP products on

  • All sales made on the Marketplace are 100% carbon neutral

Since launching a beta version of its Marketplace in mid-March, Peak Design has already facilitated over 100 product transactions and Peak Design hopes other brands will adopt this used gear platform alternative.


About Peak DesignSince 2010, Peak Design has been building innovative carry solutions with a simple overarching design directive: make the best things. The idea for our first product was born on a motorcycle trip through Southeast Asia and has since expanded to include a cross-functional ecosystem of bags, pouches, slings, straps, and clips. We’ve won applause along the way, but we’re most proud of the fact that we’re 100% crowdfunded and 100% employee-owned. We’ve raised $34.4 Million through 10 Kickstarter campaigns to become the world’s most successfully crowdfunded company. This allows Peak Design to stay investor-free and focused on the things that matter most: designing great products, fostering happy employees, and taking care of our customers and the natural environment. Learn more at


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