TREW Roam 3/4 Bib – The Ultimate Uphill Powder Partner


TREW Gear has two great bib options, the TREWTH bib that we reviewed last year and the TREW Roam.  They differ in several ways.  The Roam has less bib coverage and is geared more towards uphill travel.  I loved the TREWTH bibs, so it will be hard to top them.  Let’s see how the Roam bibs stack up!

TREW Roam – Not a Full Bib

The first thing you will notice is that the TREW Roam is more of a tall pant than a bib.  Though it does have suspenders and additional back coverage.  This has been advantageous in several ways.  One, it allows more heat to dump out on the tour up.  Two, it keeps the weight down and allows more mobility.  The fit is also less baggy.  After reading some reviews, I was concerned that the Roam might be too tight and/or not fit over my size 11.5 snowboard boot.  Fortunately, the bibs are not too tight and easily fit over the boots.

TREW Roam Design and Features

There are several other features that make the Roam a great touring pant.  Vents!  With the addition of a third side zipper, you can regulate how much area you want to dump.  There are also inner vents.  This allows you to dump a lot of heat.  Very handy when touring!  The two thigh pockets are just the right size and allow you to carry your field notebook, beanie, gloves or other items of that size.

The beacon pocket in the right pocket is the best I have ever used.  There is an elastic puck that your beacon fits in perfectly (Mammut in this case).  There is a little loop to attach the cord too.  I found this very handy when using it during the updated AIARE Rescue course.  The left pocket is capable of storing some energy bars or keys.

TREW uses 40D 3 layer Dermizax NX construction through the body and 80D at the knees.  The kick panel is very stretchy yet look brand new, even after scuffing it with splitboard edges.  The biggest take away from the bibs is that they work and don’t get in your way.  That is all you can really ask for with gear.  To just do its job and get in your way.  The Roam bibs deliver on that front.  They are also incredibly lightweight.  Probably the lightest bibs I have ever tested.

TREW Roam 3/4 Bib

TREW Roam Fit and style

The Roam is not as baggy as the TREWTH bibs, but they are not tight at all.  I think they are the perfect fit for me.  Being 6’1” 200lb with larger legs can be hard to find the right size.  I often have to size up to XL to accommodate my body type.  I picked the Large in these and found it to be PERFECT.  Style-wise, the bibs are on point.  Not flashy, not too technical, just right.  They are so comfortable that I find myself wearing them hours after touring.  The suspenders are very comfortable as well.

You can only buy the Roam bibs direct from TREW – Mens and Womens


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