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Erem Launches The Most Sustainable Sandal Ever Made

Designed for performance, crafted for comfort, and built to be Biocircular, the Gila adventure sandal sets a new standard for sustainability and performance 

Erem®, delivering best-in-class desert performance footwear with an unprecedented standard for sustainability, is proud to introduce the all-new Erem Gila, the ultimate sandal for outdoor adventure, launching today on Kickstarter.

Erem Launches The Most Sustainable Sandal Ever Made 5

The Gila adventure sandal delivers best-in-class desert performance, knowing that if it performs in the most extreme landscapes on Earth, it will outperform everywhere else. With its proprietary double layered Tencel™ strapping system and ultra-grippy deep lugged sole, the Gila provides superior traction on both wet and dry surfaces — allowing users to safely climb steep slickrock and traverse in and out of water with ease. Its dual density cork midsole and anatomically contoured footbed provide exceptional, all-day comfort.

Erem Launches The Most Sustainable Sandal Ever Made 6

As with Erem’s inaugural Xerocole™ collection, the Gila is 100% Biocircular and is made exclusively with plant and earth-based materials — including biodegradable rubber, natural cotton, recycled cork, and Tencel™ tree fibers. Erem will also take back the sandals after their long and useful life and re-stream them, providing a seamless and responsible next life.

Intensive product testing was a critical component of the Gila design process: the final product comes on the heels of five rounds of prototyping, three rounds of field testing, professional laboratory testing, and a no-holds-barred feedback session with desert rats, hiking and rafting guides, rock climbers, foot health experts, and adventurers.

Erem Launches The Most Sustainable Sandal Ever Made 7

Now, with its first-ever Kickstarter campaign, Erem is excited to rally supporters to help bring the Gila to life, and is pleased to offer campaign backers exclusive pricing and other add-ons.

“The Gila is unlike any other sandal on the market today. Not only does it provide superior grip, stability, and comfort, but it’s 100% Earth Safe,” says Noah Swartz, Founder & CEO of Erem. “Launching it on Kickstarter, a platform known for showcasing the most innovative new products, made perfect sense. We’re thrilled to get backers this amazing new product & outfit them for all of their outdoor adventures – in the desert and beyond.”  

To learn more about the Gila, visit Erem’s Kickstarter campaign page here.


About Erem

Inspired by the beauty, vastness, and extremes of desert terrain, Erem® delivers best-in-class performance footwear with an unprecedented standard for sustainability. Erem was founded in 2021 by Noah Swartz, a fourth-generation bootmaker from the family behind the iconic Timberland brand. With Erem, Noah’s mission is to positively impact people, place, and the planet by creating a new standard for high-performing, sustainable outdoor gear. For more information, visit

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