Fieldsheer Mobile Cooling Women’s Hooded Long Sleeve Shirt

Kate Agathon

Have you ever tried on a piece of clothing and it just fits like a glove on the first try? As in, as soon as you put it on, you absolutely love it?

Fieldsheer Mobile Cooling Women's Hooded Long Sleeve Shirt
Fieldsheer Mobile Cooling Women’s Hooded Long Sleeve Shirt


The first time I tried on Fieldsheer Mobile Cooling Women’s Hooded Long Sleeve shirt(MSRP $49.99) with Mobile Cooling technology, I was delighted.


The shirt looked amazing. And that’s not something this approaching middle age reviewer says often. Described as a “True to Size” athletic fit, the shirt was not too fitted and not too loose. Frankly, I had expected it to be too loose, as that seems to be a common issue with clothing for me these days.


All right, so it looked fantastic. Check that box off. What about the cooling technology? How would that perform?

Fieldsheer Mobile Cooling Women's Hooded Long Sleeve Shirt 2Fieldsheer Heated & Cooling Apparel. Work and play in year round comfort.


In its product material, I read that Fieldsheer’s patented mobile cooling technology reportedly reduces skin temperatures of up to 7 degrees. I was eager to put this claim to the test.

Fieldsheer Mobile Cooling Women's Hooded Long Sleeve Shirt


I debuted it during a recent casual morning hike (already pushing high 80s) at Red Rocks. It was a typical Colorado bluebird day: not a cloud in the sky and an unrelenting sun.


During those two hours, not once did I feel uncomfortably sweaty. Not once did I get overheated.


As someone who has worn technical clothing for decades in different types of terrain, I was very impressed that my clothing didn’t feel yucky during or afterwards. The heat during that late morning hike didn’t affect me like I thought it would. In essence, the cooling technology worked.


In comparison, my hiking companion was wearing a regular cotton t-shirt that showed signs of sweat soaking through.


Fieldsheer’s Women’s Hooded Long Sleeve Shirt is a well-designed piece.


I was also impressed with the breathability of the fabric. It was light and didn’t stick to my skin; unlike some other brands whose UV-fighting fabric just feels slick and icky.


The front of the shirt, top of the sleeves and hood are constructed of fabric that is 92% recycled polyester and UPF 50+. The back of the shirt, sides, and undersides of the sleeves are a very stretchy fine Geo Cool Knit mesh.


This is now my favorite summer shirt. It looks good, keeps me cool, and protects my skin from harmful UV rays. And notably, it doesn’t smell.


I’ve been a bike commuter for nearly a decade, and I appreciate the Odorsheer anti-odor technology (I’m sure my friends and co-workers do too).


This is the surprise piece of the season for me; I had no idea I’d like it so much! I wear it when I bike to work; I wear it at work that occasionally requires some physical labor; I wear it when I go out. The only time I don’t seem to be wearing it is when it’s in the laundry.


It should be noted that online, every single review for the Fieldsheer Women’s Hooded Long Sleeve Shirt is 5 stars. There’s a reason for unanimous ratings: it’s a fantastic technical shirt that fits well, looks good, and  works as described.


Other key features:

  • Sweatsheer™ moisture-wicking system aids evaporation and keeps you cool and dry all day

  • Flat-lock seams prevent rubbing or chafing

  • Dries 4x faster than traditional knits

  • Pullover hood offers complete protection

  • Thumb openings to keep hands dry, cool, and protected

  • Ventilated mesh panels on sides, back, and underarms

  • 92% Recycled Polyester 8% Spandex Outer

  • 91% Recycled Polyester 9% Spandex Contrasts

  • Available in womens sizes: XS-XL


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