Ibex Merino Tencel Short Sleeve Tee – Comfortable and Durable

Andrew Piotrowski


The Ibex Tencel Tee is made of 45% Merino Wool, 45% Tencel, and 10% Nylon. The Merino Wool and Tencel provide amazing comfort and performance, while the Nylon helps with durability. I found this shirt to be perfect for any high-output endurance sport like running or riding.

When Ibex launched their new Tencel Tee I was stoked! For starters, I have been reviewing their gear all summer and really enjoy running and climbing in it. But more importantly, I was excited about the combination of the moisture-wicking Merino Wool and uber soft Tencel Fabric.

Ibex Merino Tencel Short Sleeve Tee
Ibex Merino Tencel Short Sleeve Tee

Ibex Merino Tencel Review

After a few months of hard training wearing this shirt, I am blown away. It is unmatched when it comes to comfort and breathability.  I have worn it for the last few months of training for an upcoming ultramarathon and have found it to consistently perform in a variety of conditions. These range from steamy trail runs in the peak of summer to cool fall mornings in the canoe. 

In addition, it works fantastic as a base layer during cold weather. I have been using it under my waterproof jacket for colder weather canoeing. Finally, this shirt is also perfect for everyday wear with its’ loose fit and neutral colors. I often wear out to the store or brewery.

Key Features:

Comfortable – The fabric combination’s exceptional ability to keep you dry prevents chafing on long runs or paddles. Even when it does get damp it stays very light and comfortable. I often run in it wearing a hydration pack which leads to the inevitable sweaty back. However, I find that I don’t really notice it while wearing the Tencel Tee. Bottom line – it dries fast and stays comfortable.  

Durable – My biggest fear with the Tencel Tee was that it would not be durable. It feels so light that I was really concerned that it would start to wear near the pack straps or on the back. However, after several months of use and countless trail hours, there are very few signs of wear.

There is very light pilling on the lower back area. This is likely caused by many hours of rubbing from my hydration pack. This wear is minimal and is to be expected. Overall I am very impressed with the durability of this shirt. 

No Smell Ever – Like other products from Ibex the Tencel Tee is very resistant to getting stinky. This might sound gross, but I often wear this Tee for four to five runs without washing it and I have yet to have it get stinky. This makes life easier as it’s one less thing to unpack and repack each day when I head out for work. 

Natural Fiber – I love that both Merino and Tencel are natural fibers that help to reduce Ibex’s impact on the environment. I also love that Ibex is completely Carbon neutral. 

Ibex Merino Tencel Short Sleeve Tee - Comfortable and Durable 2Men’s Merino Tencel Short Sleeve Tee


MSRP: $85.00

Check it out: https://ibex.com/products/mens-wool-tencel-ss-crew?_pos=1&_sid=1696df8c1&_ss=r?

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