Kora Neema – Coolmax and Yak Wool

Kora Neema

Kora Neema – Coolmax and Yak Wool

Kate Agathon

Kora’s newest collection of base layers, the Neema, is ideal for summer multi-day adventures.


I tried out the women’s Kora Neema short sleeve crew (MSRP $90) and primarily wore it cycling.


Constructed from newly created Hima-Layer Neema fabric, the lighter weight shirt is made from a complex blend of yak wool, merino wool, and recycled Coolmax Eco polyester, and is intended for year-round activities

I was excited to try a sample from the Neema collection because my favorite baselayer of all time – the 100 percent yak wool Shola collection- is made by Kora.

Kora Neema - Coolmax and Yak Wool 1W’s Neema SS Crew


In some respects, the lightweight Neema crew shirt did as it was intended: it provided breathability and temperature regulation. When worn outside doing light hiking, walking the dog, etc. it was fine.


In other respects, the Neema crew shirt couldn’t retain its softness (perhaps because it wasn’t 100 percent constructed from yak wool) as well as the Shola, nor was it able to retain its feminine fit shape after numerous wearings.


When I wore it cycling, I did get somewhat sweaty. But the Neema crew shirt’s anti-odor properties held the funk at bay. I also appreciated that it didn’t ride up and wasn’t difficult to take on and off (seemingly mundane details like these do make an impression on me).

Kora Neema

Kora Neema


The Neema collection short sleeve crew is best suited for backcountry camping or multi-day bike packing trips.


Available in two colors (sky blue and light gray), the Neema collection also offers a long sleeve and sleeveless version.

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