Pearl Izumi PRO Mesh Jersey

Pearl Izumi PRO Mesh Jersey

Pearl Izumi PRO Mesh Jersey

Kate Agathon


The Pearl Izumi PRO mesh jersey (MSRP $150) is a jersey that is designed for long rides in hot and humid weather.

Pearl Izumi PRO Mesh Jersey 1Pro Mesh Jersey – Women’s


I live along the Front Range in Colorado, so there’s not much opportunity to test out the PRO mesh jersey in humid conditions, but I have worn it at altitude under the heat of an unforgiving sun.

Pearl Izumi PRO Mesh Jersey

Pearl Izumi PRO Mesh Jersey


The first time I wore it was on a hill climb ride up Lookout Mountain. At 7,377 ft and characterized by a series of short switchbacks, Lookout Mountain was the perfect place to test out the PRO mesh jersey while I tested my own limits.


With the sun already bearing down, I immediately appreciated the PRO Transfer Mesh fabric. Made of stretchy mesh, the jersey’s fabric was enhanced with In-R-Cool technology to regulate my body’s temperature throughout the ride.


Key features:

  • PRO Transfer Mesh fabric is highly breathable and quick drying

  • Sleek, form-fit design in a full-featured jersey

  • Sweat-activated In-R-Cool® technology improves thermal regulation

  • GoFresh™ anti-odor technology, bluesign® approved

  • Constructed from 64% recycled polyester

  • BioViz® reflective elements for low-light visibility

The jersey performed well.

While others who rode up the mountain showed visible signs of sweat-soaked jerseys, I remained dry and sweat-free. I also noticed when I sat down for post-ride juice and doughnuts, I didn’t reek- usually the first thing I notice when I’m having post-ride treats with my friends. I definitely enjoyed not being self-conscious about smelling!

Another feature that I especially liked was the zippered hidden side pocket along the typical three back pockets. I felt confident stashing my ID and bank cards there, and wish this was a standard feature on all cycling jerseys.

What didn’t work for me was the race fit. I typically don’t wear form-fitting jerseys because of middle-aged weight gain. While the only thing that felt constrictive were the sleeves, I didn’t like how it looked. I just don’t look good in most compression-fit jerseys. I recommend buying one size up.

Also, I did not wear a base layer underneath the PRO mesh jersey. I initially didn’t think it was necessary because of the thermoregulatory properties of the PRO Transfer Mesh fabric. However, my white and grey sports bra was clearly visible underneath.

The Pearl Izumi PRO mesh jersey is available in two colors (Screaming Red Immerse and Dark Violet Cirrus). The Screaming Red Immerse that I wore is more of a lovely warm coral color that provides nice visibility on the road.

Overall, the Pearl Izumi PRO mesh jersey is a good cycling jersey because its technologically advanced PRO mesh fabric keeps a rider cool and it doesn’t stink afterward. It is better suited for someone with a slimmer body type than mine.

Kate Agathon

Kate Agathon - Dr. of Stoke

Kate Agathon – Dr. of Stoke

Dr. Of Stoke

Freelance writer, bicyclist, outdoor recreation enthusiast, social justice advocate, and mom to her furbaby, Utah the Adventure Dog.

Kate Agathon

Kate Agathon


A Colorado native, Kate considers the outdoors her mother ship. She brings her passion for bicycling, the environment, and issues of diversity to her writing. Her primary outdoor recreation activities are mountain biking, fat biking, snowshoeing, camping, peak bagging Colorado’s 14ers, road cycling, and Nordic skiing. After suffering two major knee injuries within four years, Kate hopes to return to alpine skiing next season.

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Kate earned a bachelor’s degree in History from Colorado State University and later an MSEd and Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction from Purdue University. In addition to her education, Kate’s background serving on the Mayor’s Bicycle Advisory Committee and experience working for non-profits and bicycle sales well position her to bring depth and understanding to the complex changes currently taking place in the outdoor recreation industry.

Kate Agathon

We also heard she has a (slight) obsession for blue heelers.

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