UnderGents Inspirato – Surprisingly Comfortable Boxers!

UnderGents Inspirato

UnderGents – Surprisingly Comfortable Boxers!

I test a lot of boxer briefs and but the Undergents Inspirato may be the most comfortable ones yet. Heck, I am wearing them right now!

UnderGents Inspirato

UnderGents Inspirato

How comfortable can they be?

Very!  As I mentioned above, I have tested several, high-quality boxer briefs out.  Somehow these keep winding up being my go-to the last few months.  Credit the materials and the lack of compression.  For years, I have favored semi compression boxer briefs.  This is the first time, in a long time, that I am favoring a non-compression boxer.

CloudSoft Material

CloudSoft is UnderGent’s proprietary material that makes these boxers so dang comfortable.  Made of Micro Modal, a natural material.  This fabric feels almost cool to the touch and is buttery soft.  The material is actually made from trees!  And, it is biodegradable and compostable.  You can feel good about feeling good!

Non Compression

I have always used semi compression boxers, so this was a big change of pace or me.  I was surprised that I was so drawn to these boxers.  As a fitness professional, I am moving very often, demonstrating exercises and setting up workouts.  So, I had always thought that I needed the compression.  Turns out that I was able to perform at a high level and still have great comfort!

Comfortable for days

I am not suggesting you wear these for days on end, especially if you want to sleep in bed with your wife or partner LOL.  But, for those of us that spend days at a time camping, or backpacking, these are ideal for that use.  I have used these for several 2-day camping trips and found no issue with them.  When I told my wife this, she was less than thrilled LOL.

Review of UnderGents Inspirato Boxers Brief

If you are looking for supreme comfort in a sustainable and eco-friendly offering, then these are for you.  If you are looking for relief from compression based boxer briefs, then these are also for you!


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