Hydro Flask Journey Hydration Backpack – Legit Summer Pack to Keep Water Cold

Hydro Flask Journey Hydration Pack

Hydro Flask Journey Hydration Pack 10L

The Journey line from Hydro Flask is made to keep your water cold, for 4 hours.  Thanks to the Cold Flow System of an insulated water reservoir, reflective lining and articulated back panel.

Hydro Flask Journey Hydration Pack

Hydro Flask Journey Hydration Pack 20L

Construction – Water Proof Materials

The build quality is the very first thing I noticed when we saw these two hydration backpacks at Outdoor Retailer Snow Show.  Hydro Flask really hit it out of the park with the durable waterproof materials.  Couple that with taped seams and watertight zippers and you have a great backpack that will last a long time.  This is not your average hydration pack! It is very similar in build to the “Unbound Series Cooler” we tested recently.


Cold Flow System

As I was taking the Journey packs apart, I was consistently impressed with how much thought went into these two hydration packs.  First, the water reservoir is insulated.  They call this the “IsoBound” reservoir.  I wish they offered this reservoir by itself too!  I would replace all my other water bladders with this one.  Second, the actual sleeve for the bladder is comprised of reflective lining and neoprene to keep the temps chilly. Finally, the entire backpack is articulated to keep from touching your back.  This keeps your body from warming the water up.  It also allows your back to dump heat more efficiently.

Two Sizes – 10L and 20L

We are testing out both the 10L and 20L versions of the Journey Hydration pack here at Engearment. The 10L should be sufficient for light mountain biking, hiking, and other quick adventures.  The 20L is our favorite as it can hold more gear.  We are all about more gear over here.  The 10L pack comes in at $165 and the 20L is $200.


The Blaster bit valve can be turned off, so you don’t soak your gear when in the truck.  Something I have done way too often.  The plug and play system allows you to take the bladder out and leave the tubing behind.  There is even webbing for a bike light and reflective hits for safe biking and running.  Magnetic hose clips keep the tubing in place.

magnetic clip

magnetic clip

Review of Journey Hydration Pack

At a price point of $165-200, you expect the pack to be good.  And it is.  From the waterproof and durable materials to the innovative water cooling system (Cold Flow System) – the packs deliver.  What I like most about them is the build quality.  The thick materials withstood a myriad of punishment during our testing.  Though in a lifetime warranty and you have a winner.

10 L Insulated Hydration Pack | Hydro Flask

20 L Insulated Hydration Pack | Hydro Flask


articulated back to keep cool

articulated back to keep cool

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